Do Not Buy Into Interchain FUDby@cosmosnetwork
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Do Not Buy Into Interchain FUD

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As different chain ecosystems prepare to launch different products based on Interchain Accounts, we wanted to share further details around the usage of Interchain Accounts which we hope will help contribute to smooth and successful rollout across the Interchain. For Users of IBC: What is the difference between an Interchain Account and an account I had before? Do I, as an end user, need to worry about Interchain Accounts? IBC Interchain Accounts enables cross-chain communication and chain-to-chain interactions. Interchain Accounts function in the background to end-user interaction as something more akin to granting blockchains the power to open up their native functionalities as an “API” or service endpoints to be called by another chain, and then executing the calls to these endpoints over the Interchain Account channel. Most bridges, on the other hand, simply enable the passing of assets back and forth. One way to think about the potential of this new feature is what it enables for the user experience of Interchain native models. In a traditional framework, the end user would log into an interface representing chain A and pass an asset to chain B via an IBC transaction.

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