Do not be this kind of developer by@vnbrs
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Do not be this kind of developer

June 8th 2018
by @vnbrs 30,822 reads
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I am a software engineer working with Elixir, theology student,...

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There's a kind of developer that can harm a whole workplace because of their…

Spoken languages and programming languages

We, humans, use language since biblical times to express ourselves and to communicate with each other. The same thing happens with programming languages. It is a tool made so humans can communicate with machines. Just as spoken languages, there are a lot of programming languages with different dialects, applicabilities, and contexts. Some are even called dead languages because no nation officially speaks it.

Spoken languages are close to programming languages in its core: communication. Both are great tools to communicate. And that’s how you want to see programming languages: as a tool.

With the ascension of Agile methodologies and evolving IT market, it is becoming common to handle programming languages as a tool to deliver business value. It doesn’t matter if it’s Ruby, Python, JavaScript or Go, it depends mainly on the applicability and the business value you’re delivering.

Software developers, over the years, are even more involved with the business. They’re no more hired to write a bunch of code, but to understand the business problem and code based on it, otherwise it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t offer value preposition.

The hater

The biggest problem is: there are people that live complaining about programming languages.

Python is slow, Java is clunky and I hate JavaScript.

This is a phrase that I hear or read almost every day. And that bothers me because some developers just don't want to see programming languages as business tools, instead, they see as a weapon to harm other programmers.

Python has its applicabilities in web development, web scraping, data science and so on. Java works so well as an enterprise language. And JavaScript conquers the web.

Every programming language has its applicabilities, its pros and cons. If you think that language you love is the best, maybe you’re wrong. It can be the best for the project you’re working, but it might not be helpful for every kind of problem.

Being this kind of developer can harm a whole workplace, because of their negativity. Sorry, but it isn’t because someone hates JavaScript that the whole web is going to give up on it. So, instead of complaining, let’s deal with it and start studying.

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by Vinicius Brasil @vnbrs.I am a software engineer working with Elixir, theology student, and musician based in beautiful Curitiba, Brazil.
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