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Do it wrong, Do it silly, Do it bizarre, just do it, It feels awesome…

Productivity — the state or quality of being productive.(By google’s Definition).
We created machines, now we are struggling to be as productive as them. We are competing with them now (A state of transition), but it feels good to be productive. I recently acknowledge this term and also realize it deeply. I was unproductive most of my life but now it’s changing I got it late but I got it.
Productivity, not something you have to, but it’s something you’ll like. Time flies like unstrung kite. Creation feels goods, While writing this, I felt good. Creation has ultimate, incomparable satisfaction. It doesn’t matter you have an audience or not but you created something which is beautiful in your view, that’s the start. So Create something, it doesn’t need to big, It doesn’t need to be powerful or impacting. It’ll give you self-esteem. So go on and create something.

Do it wrong, Do it silly, Do it bizarre, just do it, It feels awesome…

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