DMarket Demo Overview: Current Features and What to Expect in the Actual Marketplace

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We’ve recently launched the Alpha/DEMO version of our blockchain-based marketplace and invite everyone to give it a try and see for yourself how DMarket will change the gaming industry in the near future.

DMarket is the first and only blockchain-based cross-game trading platform, and we are now presenting the demo version. We keep our promises! Blockchain is the only technology available to date that is able to help bring our idea to life and ensure the highest possible level of cyber security. Thanks to the fraud-free environment, each gamer will finally be able to become a real OWNER of hard-earned gems, skins, and other in-game items.

Key features already available in the demo version:

Secret Key

Basically, this is an analog of your digital signature or PIN-code. It’s a tiny 128 byte file that contains a string of 128 symbols serving as your secure password. However, unlike your password that can easily be changed and restored, you’ll never be able to restore your secret key. That’s just how blockchain works to ensure security of transactions, and you can’t do anything to change it. The only recommendation we can give is: make sure you keep your file safe, either in notepad, in the Cloud, or on a flash drive — or jot it down on paper and hide it in your safety locker at home ;)

User Profile

After you have created your account, you are automatically transferred to your profile dashboard where you’ll see all your stats. You can also find and see trading stats of any other user. Currently, you can see your level, which depends on several factors including the number of transactions held; during the Alpha test, it is set to be the entry level for all users. Note that you can go to any other user’s profile and see their dashboard. As of now, your dashboard doesn’t have any other functions, but later it will display your DMarket level as a user, your achievements, and various stats related to your favorite games, items sold, etc.

My Items

This tab displays all in-game items from your inventory in different games. You can sort them by game for faster search. As of now, the test version includes eight popular MOBAs to pick from.

Put Up for Sale

Click on an item you want to trade. At the top right corner, you can see a card of the item with information pertaining to the type of weapon or goods, number of items sold in a certain period of time, and price range. Click “Put up for Sale” and determine the price of your lot in the popup window. You will be prompted to determine the value of your item — Price range and Current lowest price on the market. The service immediately converts DMC (DMarket Coins, the only currency used within the marketplace) to USD and calculates the commission fee, which is 2.5% of the item price. The exchange feature is not available yet; the fee will be fixed — 0.1 DMC.

After you have decided on the value of your commodity, seal the deal with your secret key by attaching it to the trade form using the “Attach file with key” option. While we were writing this article, someone bought a test M4A1-S Decimator skin put up for sale previously for 20 DMC. Note that the items in your inventory and DMC balance are added only for test purposes, and won’t transfer to your real account at DMarket.

Purchase Goods

To buy an item, choose a game that interests you and go to its market. You will be redirected to the market page of the game with the list of all available items. You can use “Price” and “Type of item” filters right now, and a smart filter will be added in the actual marketplace.

Click on the item’s title, and you’ll automatically be redirected to the item’s card. Here you can see extended information about the commodity, including detailed description, currently available offers from sellers, and stats dashboard (will be deployed in the actual marketplace). The service automatically shows you the item with the lowest price, but you can scroll and pick a particular seller if you wish. Once again, you need to secure the transaction with your secret key, and the item will go straight to your inventory. Purchasing is commission-free for you, as the fee is paid by the seller.

The good news is that everyone interested in monetizing their time spent in a game can already benefit from DMarket today. First, you can take part in our token presale that’s in progress now and will be closed 48 hours after Bitcoin SegWit2x hard fork. At this stage, you can invest amounts exceeding $50K. Second, you can take part in the final crowdsale that will be held from November 14 through November 28, 2017. And you’ll have more cool features to benefit from once we roll out the actual marketplace.

That’s pretty much it! Feel free to test it at, and don’t forget to share your feedback or write a review for your blog. Stay tuned!

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