Disrupting the Global Healthcare in Web3by@denystsvaig
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Disrupting the Global Healthcare in Web3

by Denys TsvaigJune 6th, 2022
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A message from the CEO of DeHealth on where the company is and where it plans to head in the future.
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The war in Ukraine, in the center of Europe, the country where I was born, taught me to not avoid risk-management. When you and your team develop a multi-million dollar business, you should always prepare different scenarios. No one knows what will happen to the global economy in reality, and which new “black swans” we will face.

While being a CEO of DeHealth, I want to be completely sincere and tell what is happening with DeHealth and where we are going today.

Let's start with the background of DeHealth.

DeHealth (DEcentralized HEALTHcare) is a brand and international group of companies with headquarters in the UK and research centers across the globe, from the US to New Zealand, founded by Ukrainian and Israeli founders. Ukraine hosts one of DeHealth's R&D centers with a strong
development team. The local sub-brand of DeHealth in Ukraine is the SaaS
platform ASKEP.

As of today, DeHealth is trusted by more than 35,000 doctors, 650 medical centers, and more than 3,200,000 patients from all over the world.

It is also important to tell more about the solution and its components.

DeHealth App, AI & Medical Data-Based Mobile App.

For the App to work at full strength, it is necessary to collect, process, analyze, structure, and package individual health data into a finished product while using it to train the AI. Working with the medical data, which is the most sensitive, important and valuable asset in the healthcare industry, we prioritize the security of the data storage, respecting the Data Governance and Security Standards — Data Protection Law, GDPR, HIPAA, Data Protection Act. A high-quality cybersecurity of our product is guaranteed by our inside team and independent experts like Hacken and white hat hackers communities as well.

DHLT Network: decentralized storage for health data and digital assets, data oracles protocol, and incentive layer. The DHLT protocol digitizes and secures the global health data for everyone. The storage receives clinical, medical, and personal data on the health status of individuals (users) daily with its de-identification, structuring, and combination into a single network.

DeHealth AI uses all the data from the DHLT Network and provides users with an effective technological tool for affordable and preventive medicine, which makes the global healthcare industry more effective.

The core is DHLT, the native token that underpins the DHLT Network, a
decentralized storage for medical data and digital assets. With DHLT, anyone can upload and store their medical data, receive and host digital information, and sell their anonymized data. It is possible to use DHLT tokens to pay for services inside the DeHealth App and as an economic incentive to secure long-term storage of health data and its constant updating.

What Happened?

The native coin DHLT (Decentralized Health Token) allows DeHealth users to monetize their medical assets, thereby motivating them to engage in health as a new and high-quality lifestyle. As part of the IDO, the first issued “health tokens” from the DeHealth HLT Network were completely sold out in 2 hours.

Further, when the token was listed on the exchange, we set the price of X5 (+500%) of the price of the private round. The listing on the exchange took place during the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian war, which was used by our market maker, who took the liquidity of the project and tokens to his crypto-wallets during the first trading hours. Due to these illegal fraudulent activities, the price of the token has fallen.

We consider this attack not only against our company but also against all our investors. Since March, there has been a criminal case registered under Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. We hired the best lawyers and specialists, including the Cyberpolice, to ensure that the scammers face charges. The war has shown the true faces of certain partners and contractors who, unfortunately, caused material and reputational damage to our company. At the same time, it mobilized us not to fall, but to make a big leap forward, despite the turbulence.

Where We Are Today

Thanks to the support of our technical partners and friendly launchpads,
Cyberfi and Scaleswap, we have reissued the smart contract of the token and are already actively preparing to return to the exchange. We continue to follow our path to make this world a healthier and more honest place.

We have partnered with Hacken, a global cybersecurity company, to make web3 healthcare even safer. We have already passed the audit from Hacken, which we disclosed separately.

In addition, the DeHealth Foundation, together with our large international network of pharmaceutical companies, has been actively functioning for three months now. Together we help Ukraine with the supply of vital medicines.

We started working together with the leading universities to create a powerful R&D for the digitalization of healthcare and the standardization of approaches to the safe donation of medical data.

Furthermore, DeHealth continues active negotiations and partnerships not only with companies from the crypto industry but also with medical organizations and large pharmaceutical manufacturers. Big Pharma acts as a buyer of medical data for ensuring accuracy in the research and development of medicines. DeHealth acts as a provider of high-quality and
relevant patient medical data, which helps top drug manufacturers make the medicine production more efficient, accurate, and effective. Philippe Gerwill, a digital humanitarian, futurist, and innovator, KOL with 30 years of experience in specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals at Novartis, Lonza, and Ciba, has joined our team to support these goals.

We are trying to make the world a safer and healthier place with our partners and friends.

What is Next?

My business partner Anna Bondarenko and I are constantly looking for resources, new talents for the team, and partners within the active business planning process that will help us succeed in the multi-billion dollar market. As the CEO, I am responsible for the company's growth and development. This is why I set a goal to attract VCs and family funds as our additional investors within 2-3 months.

Our competitive advantages are web 3.0 at the intersection with a business model based on the big medical data of millions of people and its tokenization. Our focus remains on supporting the health of people around the world.

With the help of a team of AI engineers in the USA, led by an ex-AI & Big
Data developer at Google, we are building an effective tool for affordable and preventive medicine. Blockchain, on the other hand, allows organizing all medical data in the form of a special marketplace for safe digitalization,
storage, and transfer to other participants in the healthcare industry. Thus,
everyone can contribute to the global healthcare industry in the form of
depersonalized medical data.

DeHealth's emphasis is on collecting and structuring data, as well as on
creating a decentralized infrastructure. Such an approach will make healthcare more effective while offering access to digital assets globally.

DeHealth roadmap includes the launch of the MetaHealth metaverse as one of the priorities, which is the direction that the project team is already working on today. We, at DeHealth, do everything to ensure that our users, investors, and partners feel the stability of decentralized systems based on web 3.0.

Our DeHealth community remains resilient and continues growing with a shared belief in the value of medical data, MedFi principles, and the power of MetaHealth. These values and beliefs show that DeHealth is the trend of the future originating in the modern day.

In the context of the global crisis and falling markets, CEOs and founders of large global companies, as well as VCs, advise startups to set survival as their goal. Indeed, it is difficult to predict the global market’s behavior and its ability to recover tomorrow. In addition, these predictions are senseless.

The one thing that I know for sure is that we are witnessing a new digital era, which is an exciting journey in web 3 and endless progress.

Our goal is development and scaling in this new world.

Thank you for growing and developing with us.

Also published here.