Disaster or Opportunity?

Once upon a time, I heard a quotation of Tolstoy which says “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”.

I want to interpret this sentence in my way; every regular person has same story but irregular person has different paths. Sometimes disasters, losses, defeats shows us that what we shouldn’t be.

They are like a policeman and whenever we try to find a different path from our personality, they stand up on our ways and ask “Do you really want to go this way dude?”

In my story, after a horrible break up (a years ago from now), I find myself making a choice about my life. Because of something that I couldn’t explain now, my erasmus dream fell down and I found myself in a critical position. I can insist on my current situation which requires spending more money, powerful concentration and study (which did not exist in my current situation) or thinking about new opportunity: going a school in hong kong which is very good at liberal arts and offering free housing.

In this time, I have zero interest about Asia (if we don’t think about sushi or green tea), but when I made investigation I saw the opportunity.

Hong Kong is a developing city which is unique in the world. It is also agood start for exploring Asia and learning this culture.

After two hours from this proposal, I decided to go Hong Kong.

Now I am here.

First three days were spent with a question “What am I doing here?”. I had some difficulties about food, language or being foreigner but this night when I come back to dorm from a shopping I noticed that I am on holiday!

Well not completely holiday, but my lessons will transferred with only credits so I don’t have to worry about grades.

Also I have great opportunity to learn Chinese because except university, nobody can speak English clearly.

Suddenly I felt relaxed. Last four months were bad for me. Especially I break up with my new boyfriend (yes after hong kong event and this boyfriend,I should probably shrink away new relationships), I withdraw my two lessons and finals affected my health negatively. But here I am.

My only work is to go lessons, learn a new language, taste new foods, discover new places and write them. Oh god, I really miss to write when I was in İstanbul and working for finals.

So sometimes I think about what if it didn’t end like that? Not for relationships, for lessons, other things. What if I have relationship with my boyfriend 1 (first one) or boyfriend 2 (next one)? What if I didn’t withdraw my math class or law class? what if I just deal with final period with good health and I believe that spending your health is okay for finals?

In every scenario, I would be unhappy but because of something is proceeding I don’t want to finish. I should accept that every event makes me sad but now, I feel so relaxed and happy. These were not my ways, these should be ended. Because I couldn’t do that universe did that for me.

Sometimes opportunities seal or life sometimes disaster. Whatever name you give that please don’t forget it that sometimes bad things should be ended so better thing could be started.

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