Did The Coronavirus Push Twitter Into Auto-Pilot Mode Or Is It Only Now That We're Noticing It? by@nebojsa.todorovic

Did The Coronavirus Push Twitter Into Auto-Pilot Mode Or Is It Only Now That We're Noticing It?

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Coronavirus can be one business' misfortune and another business' fortune. That's not a nice thing to say. But hey, we can't ignore the facts, can we?

Here are two trivial and clearly unnecessary examples, I can still make my point without. Treat it as an appetizer while you're waiting for the main meal to be served.

So, if you're an owner of a toilet paper factory, you're quite busy these days. On the other hand, if you're in the cruise ship business, then you will have to reinvent the marketing wheel.

What's the situation with our beloved social media?

It's Hard To Float When They're All In The Same Boat

There's no limit to what extent social media can benefit from the whole pandemic situation. They're just doing their job. We can live with that and chew it without feeling guilty about it. Aren't they keeping us safe, informed, and entertained? Yes, they are. Let's not forget or neglect some responsibilities too.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm under the impression that the heaviest corona-related burden is on Twitter to carry. Twitter Engineering has no problem admitting it:


That's just one side of the coin in a Twitter coronavirus story. I can witness first-hand that Twitter Support isn't as subtle as their coworkers from the engineering department:


When you put it like this, it sounds like the most logical and totally acceptable thing to do, if it hadn't been for a couple of bolded words in the Twitter's official update on their "continuity strategy during COVID-19:"

Broadening our definition of harm

What are the practical implications of this "broadening" approach?

The Most Dangerous Virus and Hashtag In The World

After Twitter suspended @goLanceInc account I'm responsible for, I've run every possible reason in my head. It's a five-year-old account, so the spamming justification is either not true or way too late. There were days when I used to tweet like crazy all day long to the last allowed character. I would love to prove my favorite conspiracy theory that this was Upwork's payback time for all my what-goes-up-must-go-down articles, but that's extremely unlikely. Upwork has to worry about their plummeting stock prices, rather than to pay attention to articles written by some wannabe writer.

Finally, the only thing that makes any sense is using the "radioactive" hashtags, such as #Coronavirus, #CoronavirusUSA, #CoronavirusOutbreak, and more or less similar combinations. I already wrote an article about my Twitter suspension experience. I also did my social media duty and warned all known and unknown Twitter buddies about the hashtag that can get in some serious trouble if they don't handle it with care:


Have you noticed a more pressing concern about Twitter than corona-related-and-derived hashtags in my tweet?

Rage Against Twitter Algorithm Machine and Autopilot Mode

If you think that I'm exaggerating when I say that Twitter is running in the full autopilot mode with its algorithms suspending, locking, and blocking users' accounts as some digital kangaroo court, then knock yourself out by reading all those angry comments addressed to @TwitterSupport. Try to file an appeal and see how long you will wait for a response.

The last time I've checked on Twitter, they were struggling with the DM issues:


So, I think we should be happy and grateful for being able to tweet at all.

In the meantime, unless you haven't gotten a "vaccine" in the form of a prestigious blue verified badge, you'll have to think twice when you tweet or comment about anything related to coronavirus. Otherwise, I'm afraid you'll regret it, guilty or not for violating Twitter Terms.

Should you stay away from using Twitter until the pandemic dust settles down? No way! I wouldn't last an hour without Twitter in my home prison. I'm more than sure that I'm not the only one.

Here are some useful and harmless hashtags, you can use for a change: #TwitterDoYourThing and #TwitterDoYourMagic. Sorry, not sorry Twitter. Just do your thing!


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