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Did Satoshi Steal My Blog Post?

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I’m JP Richardson, co-founder of Exodus bitcoin/ethereum wallet and active JavaScript/Bitcoin developer (github). I, like a lot of you, got caught up into reading about Craig Wright being Satoshi Nakamoto.

I started poking around Craig Wright’s site and stumbled upon this gem: http://www.drcraigwright.net/generating-bitcoin-address/ (if link is dead/removed: PDF copy)

I thought it looked very similar to an old post I wrote in 2013: http://procbits.com/2013/08/27/generating-a-bitcoin-address-with-javascript using an ancient version of bitcoinjs-lib circa 2013.

Google for “Random number generation”+”is the basis of most cryptography”. Top two hits? My post is first, Craig Wright’s is second.

Here’s a screenshot:

Look at the code snippets. The variable names. The old bitcoinjs version. The ordering of the languages.

Coincidence? Could be.

Did Craig Wright steal my post? Or just maybe, I am Satoshi Nakamoto.

Thanks to Fluffy Pony for reviewing both posts.


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