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DialogFlow (API.AI) Golang SDK

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DialogFlow (formerly API.AI) gives users new ways to interact with your bot by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI.

DialogFlow offers many SDKs in different programming languages:

But unfortunately, there’s no SDK for Golang

But dont be sad, I made an SDK to integrate DialogFlow with Golang:

This library allows integrating agents from the DialogFlow natural language processing service with your Golang application.

Issue the following command to install the library:

go get github.com/mlabouardy/dialogflow-go-client

The example below, display list of entities:

Note: for more details about the available methods, check the project Github repository.

For a real world example on how to use this library, check my previous tutorial, on how to create a Messenger Bot in Golang to show list of movies playing in cinema, and tv shows airing on TV:


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