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Hackernoon logoDevastating: Hacker Runs Out of Space for Stickers on Laptop by@thebyte

Devastating: Hacker Runs Out of Space for Stickers on Laptop

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A truly tragic sight: laptop-less stickers.

While at a hackathon last week, local CS major Felicia Suarez found herself living a developer’s worst nightmare: having no room for new stickers on her laptop.

“I had just received my 42nd ‘I Demoed’ MLH sticker, and I was super excited to add it to my collection,” Suarez recounted, a note of sorrow in her voice. “But when I looked at my laptop, I realized that all of it — front, back, and interior casing— was completely papered over with stickers.” She paused for a moment of silence. “I considered peeling off some of the older stickers or covering part of one up, but I couldn’t bear to do such an awful deed. They’re badges of honor, you know?”

At press time, Suarez was heard whispering “It must be done…” in agony as she slowly lowered the sticker toward her laptop screen.


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