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Deploy Cosmic JS-powered Apps using Zeit, Heroku and Netlify

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In Deploying your Codebase using Cosmic JS, I write about how easy it is to deploy Cosmic JS Apps with just a GitHub repo and the Cosmic JS system. Cosmic JS allows developers to deploy their codebases to the Cosmic JS App Server for staging, testing and demo purposes, and is now offering new production deployment options available with some of your favorite deployment services.

You can now deploy Cosmic JS-powered applications to Heroku, Zeit and Netlify. Building progressive web apps that are zippy fast require using powerful microservice tools and the flexibility to deploy to your favorite services based on your applications’ needs. Easily deploying web apps with services like Heroku, Zeit or Netlify is aided by the development process already being streamlined with your favorite tools.

Cosmic JS uses Dokku (Docker + Heroku-like deployment) to deploy your app from any GitHub, BitBucket or any other public repo to its own subdomain. Deployment will be successful as long as your application follows the Heroku deployment guidelines. If you have connected your GitHub account to Cosmic JS, you will be able to deploy your private GitHub repos as well. Your deployed app will include environment variables which are used to connect to your Cosmic JS Bucket. You will need an account with the service you use to deploy your Cosmic JS App.

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How to Deploy Your Codebase using Cosmic JS
Developer Documentation

I hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you have questions or comments about Features in the Cosmic JS system, I’d love to hear about them. You can refer to my Cosmic JS Profile for additional content on how to intuitively navigate the Cosmic JS Dashboard.

Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS that allows blended teams of developers and editors to collaborate around a programming-language agnostic API to manage their content, data, files and applications.


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