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Delete Facebook, Replace with Blockchain.

March 21st 2018
#DeleteFacebook campaign post-Cambridge Analytica scandal. (Shutterstock)

With the #deletefacebook campaign in full swing and the pitch forks out for Facebook, the question begs to be asked, is there an alternative?

This scandal highlights just how much personal data we freely give away over the internet and the lack of sufficient controls in place for us to do anything about it.


There are two central allegations against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

  1. That user consent was given for one purpose, but data was processed and disclosed to organisations that would use it for an entirely different purpose.
  2. That users were not made sufficiently aware that their consent included the commercial use and disclosure of their data.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica maintain their positions that they acted lawfully throughout and the allegations have yet to be investigated by the relevant authorities, much less proved.

So, with every click made, every advertisement followed, every connection made, being monitored and telling someone something about us, how do we properly control who has access to our personal data?


At Lightstreams we have developed technology that will make it possible for you to always have control over who you share your personal data with.

Lightstreams Network

Using our technology, applications of the future will store your personal data only on your device and those that you have given consent. There will be no need for intermediaries such as Facebook to hold your data in order for you to interact with friends, families and colleagues.

With this solution you will be able to:

  1. Revoke access — If your data is inadvertently shared by you to a third party, access can be revoked at anytime with your data deleted from their systems.
  2. Track and Trace — If data is shared or sold to a third party without consent, almost all countries have policies in place to prosecute (e.g. Data Protection Act in UK), the difficulty is proving when this happened and by whom. To aid authorities, the Lightstreams blockchain is a tamper-proof record showing exactly how your has data changed hands by your consent, along with watermarking to show at what point a breach may have occurred.

What is Lightstreams?

Lightstreams is internet technology layer that we believe decentralised applications (DApps) of the future will be built upon. DApps are polar opposites to centrally controlling entities like Facebook that hoover up and store your data in their centralised databases. Instead, DApps can interact with your device and directly with other devices that you have given consent to.

Our technology uses a combination of blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing technology. Blockchain technology ensures that a permanent record is maintained of when and who you gave consent for having access to your data. P2P file sharing technology ensures that no intermediary need every to hold your data.

If you would like to know more and learn about what we are doing at Lightstreams, please visit our website for more info.

Call to Action

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