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DeFi Overdrive: High APY Pools and Head to Head Betting

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@vanillanetworkVanilla Network

Deflationary ERC-20 token with decentralized finance at the heart of its ecosystem driven by Blockchain technology.

The Vanilla Network is a deflationary token that aims to introduce the best staking and betting decentralized applications in the market for betting enthusiasts around the world as well as users that are looking for rewards in long-term participation. 

The core of the project is established on a discontinued project, with a new recyclable community fund providing the infrastructure of the product offering. The Vanilla Network envisions using Blockchain technology to produce a community-driven betting and staking platform where the house no longer wins!

At the core of the Vanilla Network is a fund that will self cycle by being funded and replenished with the wins and losses on the network’s dApps, hence the funds will always belong to the community. 

Recently, the team behind Vanilla network has launched two different products for the Vanilla ecosystem — High APY pools and a head to head betting DApp. Let's discuss these two product offerings in detail. 

High APY Pools

The Vanilla staking pool comes at the release of their Chocolate and Strawberry staking pools. The original Vanilla pool was engineered to reward long term stakeholders who participate in developing the ecosystem via dividends received from any transaction that occur on the dApps running on the network. The Chocolate and Strawberry staking pools will equally award long-term stakeholders with a fixed known return. 

The Vanilla staking pool is designed to combat inflationary pressures and award investors for holding their tokens. For both the pools, there will be a limited number of seats allotted. These seats will represent the number of tokens that can be pooled into either pool before they close. 

The Chocolate Staking pool will have 30,000 seats while the Strawberry Staking pool will have 40,000 seats. Each pool will have a minimum and maximum stake, with the Chocolate and Strawberry stake pool each requiring a minimum stake of 1000 and up to 5000. 

Moreover, users will have to remain in their respective pools for a set course of days before they can claim their rewards. The Chocolate stake pool users can claim their reward after 45 days while the Strawberry stake pool investors can claim theirs after 30 days. 

Investors can un-stake whenever they want, however, they will have to forfeit their rewards if they decide to do so before the time is completed. The Staking pools will have a 5% fee for joining, and claiming rewards which aid the deflationary protocol and supply-side mechanics of the VNLA token. 

Interestingly, the Vanilla network aims to reward their users for staking and remaining in the respective pools. The Chocolate Staking pool will award an APY equivalent of 300%. This APY equivalent illustrates a high return on investment without limiting the project's ecosystem. 

Moreover, the Strawberry staking pool will award an APY equivalent of 275%. In conclusion, the Staking pools of the Vanilla network are unlike others with astounding returns. Users can choose to be in either of the diverse options the Vanilla network offers. 

However, it is recommended that users attempt to participate in both the Vanilla pool and the fixed APY pool depending on how much they want to invest. This way users can gain from the burning supply and be rewarded from the guaranteed APY. 

Head to Head betting DApp

Betting is a historic staple in the sporting industry. The multi-billion dollar industry has etched its legacy into the roots of every sport today generating billions of dollars. The betting industry is rapidly expanding, however, a lot of its potential is limited by the involvement of trans-national organized crime and outdated tools. 

Interestingly, the Vanilla Network can solve that by providing an updated, top-of-the-line, and secure betting platform for anyone that wants to gamble. The Vanilla betting platform allows holders of the VNLA token to participate in Head-to-Head bets against other members of the community. That’s not all, they can also participate in a diverse range of pool betting scenarios.

As we have said before, the Vanilla Network aims to produce award winning staking and betting DApps that enable betting enthusiasts around the world with an advanced yet simple and secure platform. 

All they have to do is create an event for a bet to be placed on and verify the start of the event with the help of the platform’s administrators. Users can place their bets on unique outcomes and events. They can bet on the next NBA final or they can bet on the next NFL match, the possibilities are infinite. 

User bets are then matched by other users on the network using their VNLA tokens. The winners of the bet will be able to double their stake and the losers will lose their tokens. The Vanilla Betting platform is simple, transparent, and limitless. 

The team behind the platform strives to produce a vanilla product offering. Their betting platform may be complicated behind the scenes; however, it is simple on the surface for users to understand, learn, and utilize. 

The Vanilla Betting Platform also allows users to participate in Pool Betting scenarios for key sporting events. Users can place their bets on their preferred outcome. After the betting’s are closed, the odds are generated depending on the level of bets placed on each outcome. 

Users can bet on the next Champions league final or the main card for the next UFC or Boxing match as mentioned above the possibilities are limitless. Suppose there’s a Champion’s league final between Bayern Munich and Arsenal. If 10,000 VNLA is placed on Bayern Munich, and only 5000 VNLA is placed on Arsenal; this would mean Arsenal’s odds would be 200% whereas Bayern’s Munich’s odds would be calculated at a 10% return. 

Simply put, if Arsenal were to win, users who had pooled their tokens on this outcome would receive a significant reward. 

These distinct features of the Vanilla Betting platform will allow users the ability to participate in an array of diverse betting outcomes with a transparent value outcome, without ever being governed by outdated centralized bookmaking. 


For Vanilla Network, this is just the start! The team behind Vanilla network has done a tremendous job, and with the release of their recent high APY pools where you can get up to 300% APY equivalent return and a streamline and efficient head to head betting DApps platform, Vanilla is surely meeting the expectations of the community. 

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by Vanilla Network @vanillanetwork. Deflationary ERC-20 token with decentralized finance at the heart of its ecosystem driven by Blockchain technology.Read my stories


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