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@nicksoman just raised $8MM to build affordable healthcare for all.

Join us for a crypto adventure.

Three months ago Michael, Richard, and I realized US healthcare needs a nervous system and decided to build Decent. We began to hire a world class team including Molly, Suzanne, Andy, and Sean. I’m delighted to announce today that we’ve raised $8MM from an incredible roster of investors across the VC, crypto, and healthcare landscape to fund the beginning of our journey.

Our investors include Foundation Capital (pre-seed round lead), Menlo Ventures (seed round lead), Digital Currency Group, Lux Capital, Maverick Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, Meridian Street Capital, Healthy Ventures, ChinaRock Capital Management, Abstract Ventures, Precursor Ventures, Ride Ventures, Sequoia Capital Scouts, Fenwick & West, Sure Ventures, Capitoria Ventures, Adam Marchick, Josh Jeffries, Avin Bansal, Grant Guttero, Ravi Grover, Yoko Okano, Trent Gegax, Andy Sack, Kevin Moore, Ibrahim Ajami, Andy Rabin, Bubba Murarka, Serge Kassardjian, Alex Popa, Guy Marion, John Horton, Forrest Wittenmeier, Neil Devani, Hugo Angelmar, and Adam Lieb, as well as our advisors Luis Robles, Jason Franklin, and Abe Othman.

We are deeply thankful to our investors for sharing and supporting our long term mission: to deliver affordable healthcare for all, by aligning stakeholder incentives across healthcare to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care. We will use crypto and blockchain technology to better serve our members. We are hiring developers, product folks, and designers in San Francisco and Seattle. We are looking for the right partners to join our journey to a 2019 launch that may include a token launch later this year. We hope to help deliver on the promise of the decentralized future and advance the public narrative around crypto beyond speculation to real world value.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk about it. We’re building an early community on Telegram that is already helping to inspire us, kick the tires on our vision, and hold us accountable to get there. Please join us today and make your voice heard. We need your help to make Decent work for everyone.

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