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[Day 6] Zero to MVP in 30 Days — Writing Landing Page Copy

Writing copy is the first step of creating a landing page. Join me write the one of findbetterquestions.com.

In this series I’ll validate a new idea. Read about the concept here (Day 0) and the idea here (Day 1).

So let’s write some copy. Here goes version one:

1. Addressing the Pain-point

Find the best questions on Quora
Get traffic from your answers by choosing optimal questions

The above head and sub headline should grab attention. If a landing page can’t hook people’s interest there, it’s a fail.

They should include: (I stole this from Marketing for Developers by Justin Jackson)

  1. Who is this for?
  2. What’s their dream of a better life?
  3. What obstacle stands in their way?
  4. How do you help them overcome that obstacle?
Quora offers very limited search functionality, so finding good questions is a pain. You’d normally surf the site until you magically land on the right question. We automate that task.

What do you think?

Will this catch people’s attention? Do you understand the why, who and what of findbetterquestions.com?

2. Show What the Product does with Images

This is more or less the features section
Input can be topic, person, other question, and list of …

Output gives you a list with metrics. I still haven’t finalized which metrics should be used, but that is easy to update.

With the example list I want to highlight the contrast some questions have.

Should I add benefits?

  • Save time
  • Get heard
  • Peace of mind

3. Pre Launch Sign-Up Form

I’ll also have that at the top.

Want to try this for free?
The first 100 subscribers will get early access.

4. Link this series

I think that writing so openly about this project generates trust, so I’ll include a tiny section where I link to some article.

5. Use Live Chat for contacting me

What’s missing?

Social proof. Will be added later.

The plan for tomorrow

  • Build the landing page
  • Ask for feedback
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