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[Day 11] Zero to MVP in 30 Days — Creating a Funnel

In this series I’ll validate an idea. Read about the concept here (Day 0) and the idea here (Day 1).

Let me start off by copying a page from a book. I highly recommend it:

“Every funnel has a beginning and an end. At the beginning, we have the largest amount of people who never heard of our product. At the end, we have the smallest number — all the people on the planet who bought our product.
So, a graphical representation of a perfect funnel is a pipe that is the same diameter in the beginning and in the end. This means that 100% of the people bought your product.
And the best of the best funnels is a never-ending pipe. That means people always come back again and again to pay for your product.
The ultimate goal of growth hacking is to always strive for the best of the best funnel. If your funnel narrows down somewhere or is not endless, then this is where it needs improvement.”

Excerpt From: Aladdin Happy. “How I create Growth Hacking Plans for startups for $10,000: + TOP 300 growth hacks you can put into practice right away.”

Our goal is to eventually have as many paying customers as possible. So how do they get there? (The following points don’t mention retention, as that is out of scope for now.) The steps are backwards, the ones starting with a “:” could be the first step:

  • Use it (Onboarding)
  • Download App
  • Start a free trial
  • :Visit Landing Page
  • :Visit Landing Page → Subscribe to newsletter / Early Access → Click through email
  • :Click ad, link in content, talk to me …

For every step but the first one, we’ll be able to check our conversions once we have some data. For now we have to get as much awareness as possible and collect emails.

What are my plans for that?

  • I want to create a couple of pieces of content. I’ll also do some keyword research, maybe I can find something that would rank on page 1 of some Google query.
  • Prospecting
  • Ads: I’ll spend a couple of bucks, but haven’t spent any thoughts on it yet
  • Quora: 
    It’s way easier to get people to buy my product who are already interested in Quora for marketing, so using Quora as a channel is probably a good idea. It’s definitely a long term play, and I want see immediate results. Maybe that’s the why I haven’t started yet.

The plan for tomorrow

Write emails 
(Yes, I know, boring, but I get a lot of insights from that. I might share some details later on).

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