[Day 0] Zero to MVP in 30 Days by@modette

[Day 0] Zero to MVP in 30 Days

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I’ve decided to do my next thing.

I gave it a few week waiting period to make sure the excitement stuck beyond the initial honeymoon phase and to work out the logistics of focusing a lot of time on this challenge.

Why a day zero? To lay down some ground rules.

  1. 30 days will be on a rolling restart. I’ll be splitting my time between making the thing and validating the thing. If while validating the thing, I decide I need to pivot or kill the thing, the 30 days to build a MVP will restart.
  2. This aggressive retry+blogging cycle will have a hard limit of 60 days. If I don’t have some confidence in a validated idea after 60 days, I’ll pump the breaks and give myself an opening to move on.
  3. MVP for this challenge means: a product that is either accepting early beta users or has validation via pre-paying customers.

I want the flexibility of killing ideas I can’t validate to ensure I have the motivation for making it through at least 30 days of this challenge.

What will the blogging for this challenge look like?

  • I’ll commit to an update every day. Posts will likely be tiny on some days.

  • I’ll try to remain as transparent as I can with data and the daily happenings. This range of topics will include:* Peeking into half written Google brainstorming docs* Hearing about rejections while trying to validate an idea* Figuring out pricing* Technical challenges I’m running into.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about idea #1 and hustle to lay down a framework for getting things done!

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