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DAB Radio Was the Future Until Live Streaming and Podcasts Arrived

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Ways of enjoying entertainment have continuously changed over the years. This is typical for radio and podcasts. Rather than switching on your home or car FM radio, you may opt for live radio streaming directly from your mobile device to listen to your favorite show or podcast. However, this has not completely destroyed the broadcast radio business even when most traditional radio stations have tapped into the new world through streaming their content alongside broadcasting it on air.

Podcast technology has tremendously evolved as well. In the beginning, podcasts were only a pre-recorded audio file that one had to download. Today, similar to radio, they are utilizing streaming technology to broadcast both audio and video formats of their programs to live audiences, and later making it readily available for download after the show ends.

Types of streaming that radio stations or podcasters can offer to you.

There are two types of streaming that you may get from stations or podcasters namely;

  • Audio-only streaming also referred to as an internet radio station.
  • Live video streaming to several online platforms
  • The above types of streaming require distinctive tools to deliver them.

Accessing quality audio streaming

In case you need to successfully perform a live audio stream, your podcast or radio station will need some essentials like an internet radio hosting service provider, which is equivalent to the type of web hosting service provider for your website solutions.

The hosting provider is the server that listeners will utilize to connect to your live audio. Even if it is possible for you to run an internet radio server in your office, it may be expensive for you. Most service providers offer internet radio hosting services after paying a monthly fee. After picking a host, you can easily implement audio players on websites, apps, and public directories, among others.

When your internet radio station is active, you will want your audio hooked up to it. Similar to streaming video, live audio needs an encoder to handle your audio, transform it into data, and then send it to the server. These are hardware and software encoder options that are available for free or at a specific cost.

Determining the best solution for your audio encoder

Determining the ideal solution for an audio encoder involves taking different decisions. Some podcasters utilize free software whereas top radio stations utilize solutions costing from a range of $100 for encoding software, to $25,000 and above for hardware encoders. It all bases on your budget, the desirable features, and the other equipment already in use.

On picking out an encoder, you simply require to connect the audio source to it and begin streaming. This is what podcasters require, although there are some few considerations for many traditional radio stations that perform online streaming.

Considerations for traditional radio stations that perform online streaming

Traditional radio stations sell different advertisements on their internet streams and FM stations, therefore making it not as simple as only simulcasting the same thing in both places. Several stations will use automated systems to play various commercials over the stream in contrast to over the air. Other radio stations utilize ad insertion features from their internet radio hosting service providers.

Music royalties: The other major consideration for traditional broadcasters or anybody operating an internet radio station is music royalties. When you broadcast music on the internet, you have to pay royalties for it. Royalty costs are different and base on the number of people listening to your radio station in addition to other factors. Internet radio stations need to submit logs indicating what was played and the number of listeners to determine their due royalties. Failing to pay music royalties can cause heavy penalties and legal proceedings.

Incorporating live video in your radio and podcasts

Radio and podcasts are evolving greatly and are embarking on live video as a digital marketing channel. With live video, traditional radio does not broadcast a continuous live feed that operates all day just like they may with an internet radio station. The major reason for that is music royalties. Even if you can pay to listen to music on an audio stream, you canโ€™t do this currently for video music streaming. Once you try to stream copyrighted music in a live video stream, some platforms will block your stream and probably ban you from streaming once more.

Advantages of live video streaming on radio

Given the available restrictions, this does not imply that video is not a big asset to traditional radio. Nearly all radio talk shows now have some kind of live video service element because of the following reasons.

This enables long-time listeners to give a face to voices of different radio hosts. It also enables listeners to see special guests and acts taking place in the studios.

Also, it provides listeners with a peek behind the curtains. Viewers can witness their radio host operating the board and all the equipment needed to run the show. Many people enjoy looking at all this.

A perfect live video stream is similarly great for traditional radio personalities as well as podcasters since it helps to organically maximize their potential into virgin audiences in new locations. Utilizing powerful streaming services can let a live video be broadcasted to a private website in addition to all your favorite social streaming platforms effectively.


There are very many listeners today opting for podcasts and live radio streaming services to access entertainment and news using their phones, computers, and other gadgets from anywhere they wish.

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by Alex Lawther @alexlawther. I am Alex Lawther, i am a long term reader of hackernoon.com and love to read and write and technology articleRead my stories


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