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@CryptOrca: 140 symbols that change the market

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He can write a single tweet, and everybody will run and buy altcoin which he mentioned. He can casually say about the project — as it was with Membrana, and the next day popular crypto media will follow what he was saying.

Nobody saw his face and nobody knew him. But 99 thousand followers in Twitter can’t be wrong. He is @CryptOrca. And today he tells us about himself, about how he started and gives advice for beginners. It was an anonymous, but still a very interesting interview. Thank you!

How you started in crypto?

It started at the end of 2013. At first I planned to return into forex. I have a history from end’90 trading options so it is not all new to me. Since the Internet appeared, a lot of things has changed, but this is another story

So after hooking up with a online broker and browsing tickers I came across this thing called “bitcoin” trading at a ridiculous price. It didn’t catch my attention at first until weeks later my younger brother came by and started talking about “crypto coins”. He sent me some MOON and DOGE coin to play with and thats how it all started.

How you help crypto noobs?

Mainly through twitter posting “educational” content. When they have questions they contact me on DM.There are also some Telegram groups I’m in but thats too much clutter to have a decent conversation.

№1 recommendation to crypto noobs?


How does your day usually go?

Usually wake up early around 07:00 AM. After a good cup of coffee I check the markets how they did last night. My TA on high timeframe is mostly done in the weekend so I only have to do minor adjustments through out the week. I’m also pretty lucky with the timezone I’m in as I can catch both the EU and US fx markets.

After trading the EU markets open I either have some RL things to do or jump back to bed. My next checks on the charts are around the US open and close unless some alarms went earlier.

Twitter and Telegram are kinda like through out the whole day.

Tell the emotional story for you in crypto?

So far none.

What is the secret of good trading? What are the problems has a trader?

Have a plan and stick to it.

What trading platforms are convenient for you to know? Tell about them

When it comes to BTC I’m mostly on Bitfinex for spot and OKEX/BITMEX for futures. A long time I have been trading altcoins on Poloniex and Bittrex but with no innovation and rising problems i moved to Binance.

Have you recently written that you are going to participate in the Global Traders Competition from the Membrana platform? What for? Are you sure you’re winning and you’re going to take away the $ 100,000 prize pool?

Let’s just say I’ll be online to show my results and share my skills. Want to compete with me? Welcome!


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