Hackernoon logoNavigating ZCL and BTCP Post Fork, ETC Airdrop Coming Up! by@jakethecryptoking

Navigating ZCL and BTCP Post Fork, ETC Airdrop Coming Up!

CryptoKing Report for March 2nd: Navigating ZCL and BTCP Post Fork, ETC Airdrop Coming Up! Chinese Exchange Volume is Back! 3 ICOS

This week had some very important events take place! BTC broke the $11,000 mark again signaling it definitely has broken out of its December slump. I fully expect it to pump nicely leading up to the major conferences in the middle of March (Token Summit in SF). This has been aided by the Chinese New Year coming and going. China almost completely shuts down during the week prior and during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Since the CNY volume and price in most coins have continued to rise all week.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) and ZClassic (ZCL)

ZCL had their fork and as expected the price of ZCL plummeted. Personally I think ZCL is a long term hold as it now has produced ZCash and BTCP. I do think ZCL will fork again and who knows, I may be on the team dealing with itย ;). If you held your ZCL in the supported exchanges you will receive your BTCP at some time in the future. If you held your ZCL or BTC in a desktop wallet (Electrum, Coinomi, or Jaxx) you will be able to attain your BTCP in the next few days using your private keys to access your BTCP.

Once the mainnet goes live there will be a downloadable BTCP wallet that will allow you to enter your private keys and be awarded your BTCP! This is a very exciting time and make sure to continue to support the community that put this fork together. The dev team is exceptionally active, planning events in the future to support the BTCP network and community. When entering your private keys to attain your BTCP be very careful you are using the correct website so you do not get phished! Congratulations are due to the team for pulling off a great fork!

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

ETC has their airdrop coming up at block height 5,5000,000 currently they are above 5,480,000 with each block taking approximately ten seconds. This airdrop is coming in the next few days. Make SURE you are holding your ETC in a supported exchange or a supported wallet (or you will miss out on CLO). ETC last forked and created ETH (yes the Ethereum we all know), if CLO is even 1% of ETH this will pay a dividend in excess of 25% of ETCโ€™s value. This is not an airdrop worth missing! Grab ETC in the next 72hrs and transfer to a supported wallet!

Chinese Exchanges:

Chinese exchanges have really grown in the past few months. China had FUD streaming out of all orifices for the last six months but that has not stopped the rampant growth of Chinese exchanges spreading to all areas of the globe. Huobi has shifted their focus to foreign markets while also focusing on decentralized exchanges. Binance was well situated being based outside of mainland China. OKEx similarly to Huobi has managed quite well remaining in the top 5 exchanges by volume worldwide. The entire synopsis and a great article regarding Chinese Exchange Growth can be read here.

New to Binance? Join Here!

ICOs for March (1 or 2 More Coming!)

Well the good news is when I remove an ICO from my list it means the token sale is complete and the overwhelming majority have hit their hard caps! Debitum finished their token sale successfully and to replace them took some long hours of research. What sector has not yet entered the blockchain but would truly benefit from the transparency and benefits of the blockchain (besides every company!)? Vehicles.

VINCHAIN (Close to Soft Cap, Bonus Reduces at Soft Cap)

Knowing which factory, a car was created in and every owner that ever drove it is a very valuable feature. By the VIN being on the blockchain a car can be traced through its history on a public ledger. Miles will not be able to be manipulated and owners will not be able to deceive.

VINCHAIN is currently offering 24,000VIN per 1ETH prior to the soft cap being hit. The hard cap is 23,250 ETH (approximately $20 million). VIN started with a very meager bonus and that will only continue to decrease following the soft cap being reached.

Buy VINChain Here

KYC Legal (Only 12% Bonus Remains)

More than half way to its hard cap and it has the ability to solve one of the biggest issues in blockchain and ICOs. The Know Your Customer (the dreaded KYC form). If youโ€™ve completed an ICO recently you know the form Iโ€™m talking about. KYC is calling their concept a โ€œUniversal alternative to Personal IDs,โ€ on the block chain. Their ICO is ending very soon with an 12% discount from the final ICO price still available.

Buy KYC Here

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