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Unpacking 3 Cryptocurrencies: Doc.ai, Cindicator & Vectorspace

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@alexanderwestinAlexander Westin

Artificial Intelligence, Data & the Blockchain

I’ve been watching how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) area has been embracing the blockchain lately. What can result from fusing AI, data and the blockchain can change the way both AI and the blockchain work altogether as the old saying goes “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”― Aristotle. Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the future of Google is AI and while others predict blockchain technology can change the world. Lets see what happens when you mix the two by taking a look at 3 of my favorites…


Doc.ai is a conversational platform for on-demand, quantified biology. Using conversational AI, their advanced natural language dialog system is designed for vertical medical domains, and can generate insights on blood, genomics, microbiome, environmental and anatomical data. According Doc.a, they believ they are “entering a world where artificial intelligence and natural language understanding are bringing unmatched benefits to healthcare.”

They are designing a platform for participants to use to do deep data trials, by collecting the data for themselves or their loved ones. In this massive distributive system participants can unite and collaborate with individuals, with groups, with academia and with organizations and corporations.

The Neuron Network will evolve in 3 phases:

Data Collection
doc.ai robo-doctor is designed to guide users to collect their full biological profiles, ready for predictive models.

Data Model
Users will be able to connect this profile with AI researchers and data scientists to model their condition individually or in group.

Data transactions
Users will be able to deploy a biowallet, so their information (stored on their devices) can be sold in the network.


Cindicator creates the social and technological infrastructure needed to make effective decisions under the conditions of the high uncertainty of the new economy. By combining a large number of diverse financial analysts and a set of machine-learning models into a single system, we are developing a Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure for the efficient management of investors’ capital in traditional financial and crypto-markets.

Cindicator cuts through this centralization bias by aggregating opinion from a wide range of diverse forecasters from different countries with different professional backgrounds, with different personal experience. The results, which like a prediction market are always more accurate than even the most expert opinion, are sold to hedge funds and traders looking for an edge.


Minimizing risk associated to cryptocurrency investing is what the Vectorspace platform offers by enabling anyone to create and trade custom ‘Token Baskets’. They have a product called ‘Crypto Discover’ that is in use today in terms of generating unique customized token baskets based on trends in social media, global and local search trends and just about anything else you can think of.

According to the mission statement: “The Vectorspace AI platform enables dynamically generated intelligent “token baskets” based on user-selected trends that exist in search, social media and news. The reason we’ve included the word ‘intelligent’ is based on the ability for these baskets to determine for themselves whether or not to include additional cryptocurrencies or components from related baskets that may increase overall returns. Baskets that interact this way with one another will conduct these kinds of transactions between one another using the Vectorspace utility token, VEC which is also required to dynamically generate baskets.

Components within the dynamically generated baskets can be made up of cryptocurrencies along with other new innovations for stores of value in the cryptocurrency space that may arise in the future. Traders, investors and funds can optimize basket returns by applying filters such as technical analysis indicators and custom algorithms. Human researchers and curators of baskets are allocated VEC for their work in this area. The VEC utility token can be used to purchase blocks of dynamic basket generations in addition to subscriptions to higher level features offered by the platform including transacting baskets as trades on exchanges. VEC utility tokens are awarded to creators of top performing baskets which are displayed on a leader board each month.”

The team has also released something I’ve never seen before called ‘real-time interactive infographics’ for cryptocurrencies. Here’s an example. Along with this they have a slack bot I recently installed that allows you to send it any keyword or URL and it will return a basket of related cryptocurrencies.

You can get an invite to their pre-ICO by signing up here and their whitepaper is located here.


It would seem safe to predict that companies providing a platform, ecosystem or data engines that power other AI companies carry a unique and powerful value proposition. Much of this has to do with building in cryptocurrency-based data transaction networks between machines. It’s likely that groups executing in this area will continue to take on momentum as more investors begin to discover this unique opportunity for big gains with companies fusing AI, data and the blockchain…

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