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Crypto Shark Tank is Live!

Episode 1 is up and the panel is ravenous — meet HealthGates

The idea behind the CryptoSharkTank is simple; we help you discover if your company is ready to embark on a transformational journey through the crypto-sphere. Once we’ve assessed your company’s abilities and conducted a telephone interview, we invite you to our filmed show, where our Sharks put you through a set of defining questions, designed to discover your readiness.

We’ve built a fearsome network, developed relationships with leading investors, and built an end to end TGE solution; all designed to helpful you and your company succeed.

And the best thing is, if you make it through the CryptoSharkTank, we’ll support you all the way through your very own TGE.

This episode features HealthGates, a blockchain electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) company. Find out more:

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