Mass-adoption of Crypto: Bringing Innovations to Something Familiar by@Changelly
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Mass-adoption of Crypto: Bringing Innovations to Something Familiar

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It is no secret that 2018 has become a harsh year for the crypto market. Bright expectations faded away with the Bitcoin price going down from $19,909 to $7,099 in just one month at the very beginning of the year. But the blockchain industry didn’t lose the momentum and lots of developments meant to boost crypto adoption have been made. A huge role in pushing the crypto mass adoption forward played instant exchange services and crypto payment gateways.

Why Quantity has a Quality all its Own?

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) recently published a report which says that the number of verified users of cryptocurrencies almost doubled in the first three quarters of the year, rising from 18 million to 35 million users.

These figures are crucial for the whole crypto community as they indicate the rising interest of the public to go in for crypto. Even when the market is going down, the community interest grows. This could show the way out of the bearish market and point out the development direction for the whole industry.

Cooperation as a Key to Success

What catalyzes mass-adoption of something new and innovative, let’s say cryptocurrency? The answer is — bringing it (crypto) into something familiar, that has been mass-adopted already.

That is exactly how Changelly contributes to cryptocurrency mass-adoption by bringing the crypto-payment option to one of the biggest payment gateway CoinPayments. And here is where all the magic of mass adoption begins. Thanks to this cooperation now users have the opportunity to buy goods from thousands of stores with more than 100 cryptocurrencies.


“2018 was harsh for the crypto market — it has lost more than 700 billion of capitalization, however, the number of people involved in the blockchain industry has grown. Now when world crypto-community is becoming the most valuable asset of the industry, it is crucial for us to justify people’s credibility. Together with CoinPayments Changelly team is happy to contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.” — Changelly CEO, Ilya Bere admits.

“… On our end, where we are as a company (on the payment processing side), our volume is growing and our transactions per month are also growing, even though the market is slumping. This tells me that adoption is growing. Usage of cryptocurrencies as a payment continues to grow worldwide, which makes me very excited.” — Alex Alexandrov, CEO of CoinPayments addressing the ongoing topic of “mass adoption” on Bad Crypto Podcast.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Sell

The process of buying is smooth and simple. All a customer needs to do is to go to CoinPayments Store Directory, choose a store to his/her taste, pick a product and buy it with a crypto asset. There is no need to visit a third party website to exchange one crypto for another as Changelly’s API, integrated into CoinPayments, allows merchants to accept a good variety of tokens and coins.

Moreover, CoinPayments and Changelly provide a handy tool not only for those who want to buy something for crypto but also for those who want to sell something for it. Shopping Cart plug-ins, Point of Sale interfaces, Donation and Shopping Card Buttons — merchants of all sizes are welcome to use these instruments.

Earn without Market Volatility

Changelly’s conversion capabilities enable CoinPayments auto-sweep functionality on the platform, giving merchants the ability to settle all of their incoming transactions into a stable, non-volatile coin (such as USDT, GUSD or TUSD), thus minimizing risk due to market volatility.


Despite what we saw on the crypto market last month, the blockchain industry is up to the mark. The key to making things even better and to recovering of the market is the mass adoption. Without millions of people using cryptos every day, it will be almost impossible to keep the industry afloat. The silver lining is that mass adoption is almost there. Especially, when companies like Changelly and CoinPayments partner up in their will to provide users with the best tools for everyday usage of crypto.


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