Crypto For Social Good — Conference Call, November 14th, 2pm-3pm EST by@loukerner
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Crypto For Social Good — Conference Call, November 14th, 2pm-3pm EST

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As massive as the wealth creation and corporate disruption is going to be as a result of crypto (aka blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization), the potential is even greater for those technologies to impact social good. From solving for identity for the 2.4 billion people who currently lack identity papers (ID), to solving for climate change, crypto is enabling amazing new ways to tackle the world’s biggest problems.

With close to $200B in wealth created by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the crypto community has accumulated wealth at an unprecedented rate. Holding more crypto than could ever be spent in a lifetime has lead many to look at how they — and the technology they built their wealth on — could do more for the world.

For example, the UN has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals, covering key development targets like access to food, gender equality, and sustainable cities.

Remarkably, there are blockchain applications for nearly all of the 17 Goals aiming to end poverty, guarantee universal education and much more, by 2030.

Whether you’re a crypto investor looking for double or triple impact, your thinking about doing a social impact ICO, or you just want to get smarter on the social crypto ecosystem, a lot of what will be discussed on this call will give you great encouragement that crypto is going to make the world a better place for a large number of humans.

We’ll hear from a panel of four experts who are applying blockchain technology to solve climate change, increase financial inclusion, create an open ledger of verified impact data, and support the needs of children in some of the least developed places on earth. After the four panelists are done with their formal comments, we’ll have plenty of time remaining for questions from the audience.

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Our four esteemed speakers are:

Christopher Fabian (@hichrisfabian) — Co-founder of the UNICEF Innovation Unit, current lead of UNICEF Ventures, and Principal Advisor in UNICEF’s Office of Innovation. Chris led the launch of the $11M UNICEF Venture Fund in 2015, creating the first fund of its kind in the United Nations. The Fund uses a venture capital approach to invest in startups working on frontier technology like virtual reality, machine learning, and crypto-currency that can have a positive impact on humanity.

Anne Connelly (@anne_connelly) — Founding Team Member at the ixo Foundation, which is enabling the collection and verification of high quality data needed for sustainable development. Anne is also the Vice Chair of Blockchain Canada and has been an active part of the global blockchain community since 2012. She previously worked with Doctors Without Borders Canada in Central Africa, and currently serves on their board of directors. She is Faculty at Singularity University and was honored as one of CBC’s 12 Young Leaders Changing Canada.

Francisco Benedito — Co-founder of CLIMATECOIN, which will be used for things like improved carbon emission trading, better clean energy trading, enhanced climate finance flows, and better tracking and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Francisco started his first company in 1995 at the age of 16, an online bookstore in Spain., and has since created additional startups in the renewable energy and Internet space. Francisco is also a long time banker focusing on M&A, including in the fintech and blockchain sectors.

Calvin Bradley — Co-founder of BlockchainForChange, a tech company at the nexus of digital identity, community and financial inclusion. Born and raised in South Africa, Calvin has had a passion for innovative solutions for financial inclusion and poverty alleviation. A Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa and a Thomas Edison Innovation Nominee 2017. Calvin has a passion for Behavioral Economics and Psychology which fuels his drive with the Fummi app to use Blockchain to provide ID and conversely help the underserved and underprivileged starting in New York City. He is also a former Olympic pent-athlete and board member of YNG New York.

Click here to register for the call at GoToWebinar

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