Crypto Failed? And 30 More Top Technology Storiesby@David
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Crypto Failed? And 30 More Top Technology Stories

by David SmookeJanuary 21st, 2019
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<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Did the Cryptocurrency Revolution Fail?</strong></a> by <a href="" data-anchor-type="2" data-user-id="409f06c945b0" data-action-value="409f06c945b0" data-action="show-user-card" data-action-type="hover" target="_blank">Noam Levenson</a> [14 min read]. <em>If we conclude that the leaders failed, but the doctrine is sound, then we simply need new leaders. And new leaders always rise. But if the doctrine is rotten, we should redirect our energy.</em>
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Let’s start with a Crypto Thought Piece

Did the Cryptocurrency Revolution Fail? by Noam Levenson [14 min read]. If we conclude that the leaders failed, but the doctrine is sound, then we simply need new leaders. And new leaders always rise. But if the doctrine is rotten, we should redirect our energy.

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Russian Hackers

Phishing Attack: How They Hacked the USA Power Grid by Anshu Sharma [6 min read]. Instead of attacking the high-value target directly, you first get inside lower value, less protected partners — and then use simple tactics like phishing, using existing trusted relationships to compromise your final target.

Tech Myth Busting

Chess and Programming: Busting the Myth that All Programmers are Good Chess Players by Andrii Ryzhenko [4 min read]. Famous chess players do make good livings, but compared to Silicon Valley or India based programmers, their number is extremely small.

Gaming the Lottery

How one winner used math to overcome the odds by Bryn Solomon [11 min read]. In most standard lotteries, when you buy a ticket, you have an expected return of negative 50%… but with a little math, perhaps you can turn the tables and find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Important Social Media Study

The dark truth behind world_record_egg by Thomas Webb [4 min read]. So I did some number crunching …and it blew me away. Most of the pages were huge repost pages. The kinds of pages you can post anything you want as long as you pay the page owner.


CES: When Sextech Collides with Misogyny by Darren Mckeeman [4 min read]. There is a lot of innovation going on in sextech, and most of it is done by women. This is not an accident.


The React Developer Tools You Should Know in 2019 by Jonathan Saring [7 min read]. The React ecosystem is moving fast, and so is the general ecosystem around components: from UI components to various APIs and Node.js modules.

Cycling A to B Technology Fails

Google Maps sucks for cyclists by Grant Holtes [4 min read]. The root of the issues is that Maps treats cyclists like cars that have a few extra roads, rather than a distinct mode of transport.

Re-buidling ETH

The Year of The Ethereum Experiment by Daniel Zakrisson, Josh Stark, and Evan Van Ness, [22 min read]. We started with a slightly smaller experiment: was it possible to launch a blockchain that could execute arbitrary programs? Over time, the Ethereum community began new experiments.

What to Expect When ETH’s Expecting by James Prestwich [19 min read]. At first, ETH2.0 will source its Ether (but not its security) from the main Ethereum chain, but designers eventually plan to invert the relationship by making ETH2.0 the main chain, and Ethereum 1.X a shard chain under its management.

Product Management skills NO ONE talks about ;) by Taruna Manchanda [10 min read]. Let me tell you a secret that the product management industry is hiding from you, or maybe not saying it out loud — we don’t care ‘too’ much about the hard skills.

How to Build a Product Roadmap by Arpit Rai [9 min read]. The product roadmap that comes out of this exercise will help you decide the order in which you should tackle the various ideas for new product features.

“Going Agile” by John Cutler [3 min read]. They’re goal was to somehow “form an agreement” (his words) with the business to be more proactive and more….Agile!

Quick DIY Development

How to convert a website into an Android app from scratch by Vinay Somawat [8 min tutorial: uses Android Studio, includes source code].

How to make a Terminal like Portfolio Website for yourself by Pradyuman Dixit [5 min tutorial: uses GitHub pages].

Intermediate Development

Are your Python programs running slow? Here’s how you can make them 7x faster. by Rishabh Agrawal [8 min read]. The findings that I have presented suggest that Python is indeed a slow language due to its dynamic nature compared to other statically-typed languages like C, C++, Java.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) FTW  and part 2 by Omer Goldberg [13 min read]. Progressive Web Apps are here to help us bridge UX between mobile websites and apps

How Top Dev Teams Do

Writing Sky-high Applications: A Guide to Cloud Native Development by Alibaba Tech [11 min read]. Drawing on insights from an Alibaba developer, this article looks at the key practices cloud native developers should observe as they write these highly-autonomous applications, from ensuring elastic scalability and fault tolerance to enhancing ease of management and observation.

Crypto History Lesson

Bitcoin’s Biggest Hack In History: 184.4 Billion Bitcoin from Thin Air; Satoshi Hard Forks, Saves Bitcoin by Charlie Shrem [2 min read]. On Aug. 15 2010, an unknown hacker nearly destroyed Bitcoin.

In-depth Crypto Trading Analysis

Superalgos & The Trading Singularity by Luis Fernando Molina [18 min read]. Amateur bots are as intelligent as worms, while professional bots are as intelligent as birds.

Confessions of a Digital Nomad

My life as a Digital Nomad: A story about Cryptocurrencies, Javascript and Affiliate Marketing by Maxence Cornet [4 min read]. It turns out a lot of people were googling “where can I buy OMG”, “How to buy ETH”, and my website was ranking very well for those keywords.

Two Two Part How-to-Hardware Series

Keyboards for Developers, Part 1 — Let’s Talk About Laptop Keyboards… and part 2 by Bigi Lui [11 min read]. As a programmer, navigation keys, and in particular Home and End, are among my most-used keys when coding, and muscle memory dictates for them to be roughly in the area above arrow keys. I would especially hate for them to be hidden behind Fn modifiers!

Neutron: A $4000 RTX 2080Ti (MSI) Deep Learning box (8700k/64GB/2080Ti).. and part 2 by Sanyam Bhutani [13 min read]. This Blog Post is a walk through of the choices we’ve made about the PC Components, why we chose to get it assembled by a 3rd Party retailer: Ant-PC instead of doing it ourselves and a few suggestions on where you might be able to save some money or get a better bang for the buck.

A Stats Classroom Lesson

Statistical inference in one sentence by Cassie Kozyrkov [9 min read]. “Does the evidence that we collected make our null hypothesis look ridiculous?”


C.A.T — the ultimate approach for App of The Day by Peter Vu [18 min read]. Honestly, numbers are not everything. The last 5 PH journeys have left me with lessons and connections more valuable than any type of traffic.

Career Moves

My last 4 years: from zero knowledge to software developer by Samuel Teboul [8 min read]. Seven years ago, as a recent Parisian MSc graduate in applied Mathematics and Actuarial Science, I joined a large international insurance company as a junior actuary.

What Tech Recruiters Actually Look for in your Resume and First Interview by Geshan Manandhar [9 min read]. In this post, 3 tech recruiters in Sydney, Australia answer what they look for in a resume/candidate profile.

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What to Learn Next?

Why You Should Learn .net in 2019 by Robert Zhu [2 min read]. It’s Fun: Unity has become the standard for game developers, especially for mobile, AR, and VR. Unity uses C# as its primary scripting language.

Last But Not Least

19 Saucy Tech Predictions For 2019 by Adrien Book [9 min read]. Change is the only constant.

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

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