Crypto Debits Cards Coming and How! by@shauryamalwa

Crypto Debits Cards Coming and How!


If you were to be told that in the near future, making transactions in the real world using your virtual currency would be as smooth and convenient as it is with normal currency, would you believe it? Most of us wouldn’t.

However, with the various advancements made in crypto, the supporting technology has also matured. Today, without undergoing any major reform in the financial market, one can make transactions using their cryptocurrency.

There’s no need for public keys or QR codes, just one simple thing — a crypto debit card!

Capable of holding both, cryptocurrency and fiat cash, these cards are acceptable at any shop which accepts cards as a mode of payment. That’s not it, these cards are also operational at ATMs and the most convenient and easy to use cards are offered by Wirex and Monaco.

There are various benefits of using a crypto card, such as:

Use crypto to buy your shopping in a physical store

Currently, the main use of cryptocurrency by owners is for trade or the occasional purchase of good via online stores where crypto is accepted as payment.

As opposed to fiat, cryptocurrency users didn’t have enough options to use this virtual wealth, until the introduction of crypto card.

Now, with the cards such as Wirex crypto debit card, crypto can be used at any store that allows payment by cards. Now, from buying groceries to paying for your restaurant bill, all can be done via the crypto debit card.

Earn Cash-back on your purchases

Just like certain fiat cards, you will be eligible to earn cash-back on some purchases you make via your crypto card.

You will receive 0.5% of the amount spent in the form of BTC and then, you can either convert it to fiat or let it be.

However, unlike fiat, there are no limits on cryptoback and the benefits are not limited to certain shops. This means that you can earn Cryptoback without ever having to worry about arbitrary caps.

Use an ATM to withdraw your crypto to fiat

Just like normal debit and credit cards, you can also use your crypto cards at an ATM owing to its ‘Chip & Pin’ function that allows a regular ATM to be converted into a Bitcoin ATM, with ease.

You will be allowed to withdraw your cryptocurrency into standard form of banknote currency from these ATMs by using either Monaco or Wirex cards. This way, you can do away with complicated crypto-to-fiat exchanges whenever you wish to withdraw your money.

This way, the adaptability of crypto cards can be clearly seen. A crypto-loving individual can easily include this type of currency in their day-to-day life as it is no different from existing form of currency.

It is set to become an integral part of everyone’s life, sooner than later, by easing the entire process of operating with cryptocurrency!


Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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