Crypto Content Creators and their Role in the Blockchain Ecosystem by@mattward

Crypto Content Creators and their Role in the Blockchain Ecosystem

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Matt Ward

Investor, Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur, Author, Futurist

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Crypto is an entirely new ecosystem, made mainstream by dreams of big returns on investment. In reality, it is fueled by entrepreneurial drive and the desire to build a better future. Similar to a little invention called the internet, everyone realizes the future implications of Blockchain Tech, we’re all just a little unsure of how everything is going to play out.

News, and the implication of reliable news, has a profound impact on the current ecosystem. There are a number of content creators and news outlets covering Blockchain developments, but how do you navigate this world as a consumer and as an entrepreneur of a new business?

Matt Ward of Corl hosts a livestream on 6/26 @ 1pm EST with Peter Saddington of DecentralizedTV and, Jose Mota of Daily Crypto and thisweekincrypto and Kenneth Ameduri of Crush the Street to chat about this Ecosystem and how content creators have the ability to shape the future of this exciting industry.



Peter Saddington is the founder of YEN.IO, world’s first cryptocurrency social economy which includes, TheBitcoin.Pub, and He is also host of Decentralized TV. His experience with Agile Transformation projects have included some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, T-Mobile, Capital One, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer and has received 3 Master’s Degrees.

Jose Mota [Daily Crypto] is a digital media marketer, podcast creator and founded the Daily Crypto podcast, a trusted source for flash cryptocurrency market briefings and interviews with top blockchain influencers in the space. He is now building up, a similar but larger scale project to bring information and transparency to the crypto sphere.

Kenneth Ameduri is the chief editor and co-founder of, an alternative financial and economic news website. He was a founder of Future Money Trends and Wealth Research Group, which have thousands of readers, and also a founder of FMT Advisory, which manages millions of dollars in client funds. Kenneth is passionate about analyzing resource, tech and other sectors, discovering where equity can be captured and a profit can be made. He shares this insight in his news site,

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