Crypterium Roundup for August: new killer-app-features in action

If you’ve been following our news, you may have noticed: we at Crypterium just can’t stand still. Regular app updates, strategic partnerships — the pace of work in August has ramped up another notch and it’s incredibly exciting to see the project taking shape.

Here’re the highlights of the past month.

Roadmap updates

August kicked off with something you’ve been asking for. Something that we’ve been preparing for the last few months — Crypterium Roadmap. It has an updated timeline of development for each application feature and announces the most important milestones in our project’s life. For example, now you can see that we’ll be able to present you the first IBAN solutions as early as September, and the first NFC payment solutions in October. Also, we have indicated events that we’ll be attending and where you’ll be able to find Crypterium top managers.

Killer-app-features in action

You are probably used to hearing about Crypterium’s main goal: we aim to make cryptocurrencies a part of everyday life. On-the-go crypto transfers, one-second-long top-ups, vouchers… with all these features launched, we can safely say — a huge step towards that direction has been taken. Let us remind you what crypto-fiat solutions are now available:

Refill your phone with crypto

We have enabled our users to top up their mobile phones with crypto almost anywhere in the world. Crypterium supports top ups to SIM cards of over 500 operators in over 100 countries. Enter the phone number you’d like to refill , select the amount, and pay with Bitcoin.

Fastest crypto transfers in history

We’ve also enabled our users to send crypto by just putting in recipient’s mobile phone number. Send crypto to your mom, your friend, your ex-girlfriend in France. Once the transaction is processed, they’ll get an SMS with a link to get their crypto with some very clear instructions on what they can do with it.

First bank transfers

Another feature we’ve released allows Australian citizens to send crypto to bank accounts with a single tap on the screen. Amazing, right? There’s even more: our Australian users can also pay any bills that have the BPAY logo with their crypto holdings. The feature is now only accessible in Australia, but we’re going to offer the same options to our European users very soon.

Skype, Viber and Steam Vouchers

This feature allows you to top up your Skype, Viber and Steam accounts using bitcoins. Purchase a voucher with BTC through our app, go to your Skype/Viber/Steam account, paste your voucher code and refill your account! Yes, it is that simple!

Media love Crypterium

In August, not a week has gone by without international mass media outlets covering our project. Recently, the team over Reuters conducted an insightful interview with Marc O’Brien on how Crypterium is going to reshape the banking industry with its blockchain-based services.

You can also check out this article about Crypterium on NewsBTC, one of the major blockchain-focused news outlets.

After Austin Kimm took part in a panel discussion at the BlockShow Americas 2018 in Vegas (you should see the debates), Crypterium got featured on Cointelegraph. And here’s another good read on CryptoGlobe. Want to get away for a little while? Then you might like this interview with Marc O’Brien where he chats with ThriveGlobal about leadership and personal challenges.

Discovering the diverse world of crypto

In parallel with technical work, we kept filling blank regions on our WorldCrypto Map, a weekly updated guide to cryptocurrency approach around the globe and where they are headed.

What drives the crypto industry in Canada? Why has Estonia turned into a global ICO hub? Can crypto help Venezuela save its collapsing economy? If you unfold one of our WorldCrypto Map instalments, you’ll find your answers right away.

About Crypterium

Crypterium is building a mobile app that will turn cryptocurrencies into money that you can spend with the same ease as cash.

Shop around the world to pay with your coins and tokens at any NFC terminal, or via scanning the QR codes. Make purchases in online stores, pay your bills, or just send money across borders in seconds reliably and for a fraction of a penny.

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