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Courier API Puts Despatch Cloud into Premier League of Software Companies

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Yorkshire-based software company Despatch Cloud Ltd is aiming to build on their current success by launching a new service this week, Courier API, squarely aimed at taking on some of the international giants of shipping management software.

Technical Director and founder of Despatch Cloud, Matthew Dunne stated the following: "Companies are looking for robust and resilient solutions for their eCommerce critical infrastructure and the new lightweight technology of Courier API is drawing interest. Our technology is definitely a business advantage for us".

Courier API allows eCommerce companies and courier resellers to connect to a large number of couriers through their Application Programming Interface (API), a protocol which allows companies to access a range of data services of another company in a secure and controlled way. Courier API allows clients to access all the supported couriers and their services though a single interface, which is supported, monitored and updated as part of the service.

Primarily aimed at large eCommerce companies and companies who aggregate packages on behalf of the major courier networks, Courier API can help generate significant cost saving for companies while giving them a high degree of flexibility. With over a year of research and development, Courier API is winning not just on technology but also client feedback shows that they appreciate the UK-based support team.

Matthew points to another driver of interest in Courier API, "Firms are anticipating the new export regulations due to Brexit at the end of the transition period on the 31st of December and are keen to automate the customs documents they will require to export to the EU - an area which we are specialists in."

The major players in the field are all based outside the UK and Courier API is now the leading British challenger to American and European based software companies, in a competitive field. Unlike many technology companies, Despatch Cloud is keen to grow organically and not ceded control venture capitalists, but Matthew concedes this puts them at a financial disadvantage, "We want to take shortcuts growing because we have the best product and this is how we want to grow, not because we have the biggest marketing budget".

"We are really proud of how quickly we have grown and the ability we have to deliver a world-leading technological product which is getting a lot of attention both in the UK and in other countries," said Matthew. "The UK is well-placed to create the next global technology firm, entrepreneurs just need to have the guts to aim high. The talent is definitely here."

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