Coupon Marketing Strategy — How and Why Marketers Should Use Coupon Codes by@AshishSharma31
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Coupon Marketing Strategy — How and Why Marketers Should Use Coupon Codes

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Coupon sites are a rapidly developing concept which is being used by many people all across the world. It’s no wonder that so many people scour these sites to find the absolute best in deals and options.

Today, coupons are an integral part of our daily lives. Indeed, we have all already experienced in store a discount on the number of our purchases, benefited from -50% on the 2nd item, or a discount coupon on our next purchase or on the new collection.

In fact, the use of promotional codes in its web marketing strategy is a great way to boost sales, provided you have established a real marketing strategy and associate couponing with other actions.


There are many reasons to adopt promo codes on your online store.  If it were necessary to retain only 3, it would be these:

· Increase your traffic

· Increase your sales

· Customer Loyalty

Online coupons allow you to both showcase prospects, bring back old customers, and convince hesitant customers to place an order. The conversion rate at merchant sites offering a voucher is 7% compared to 0.2% for E-Commerce sites without a coupon code. All the more reason to be interested in couponing!

The margin on a product sold with a rebate being necessarily reduced, you will have to make a real upstream reflection around the promotional codes to put in place, and therefore around the strategy to adopt. This reflection is essential to know how to give a boost to your sales methodically. It is nevertheless important that the couponing is not your only marketing action. Combine this method with other web marketing techniques to optimize your site and your sales.

Keep in mind that this type of operation must be in line with the image of your brand, so be careful if you want to position yourself as a prestigious brand or you are already recognized for your high-end products. It is indeed difficult to imagine a luxury brand offering many discount coupons.


There are different types of promo codes depending on your activity, depending on the season, and depending on the objective. Coupons can come in different forms: a percentage or a number of euros discount, a gift of purchase, a half-price item etc …

Here are some examples of online coupon codes:

· the promo code for the holidays

Enjoy holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or even a sporting event to offer a tantalizing coupon.

· the promo code for a first order

A good way to conquer a visitor and make a buyer.

· the promo code from a certain amount

You can determine the amount based on an average basket analysis via Google Analytics for example.

· the special season promo code

Always be up to date with a promo code for the season, for example, SUMMER18

But why exactly do they work so well? It’s an interesting question. Coupon marketing strategies, along with a whole host of different other concepts, all have a significant bearing on how we perceive the coupon site and contribute to how well it works. We’re going to be taking a look at just how well it works, to try and identify where the success originates from.

The Fact

While there will probably be a difference in opinion about what makes a coupon site work perfectly, there are a few facts that no one can deny. Chiefly among these is the idea that the coupon site has soared in popularity over the last few years. Another important thing is that you have to appreciate that coupons really can make a difference to someone when they are trying to find the best possible deals on a variety of everyday items. The idea of coupons is that they can be used almost anywhere.

The Causes

So why are the coupon sites becoming so popular? There’s a lot of different reasons why it could work and why it might be successful. It’s actually a lot to do with the psychology of a good coupon marketing strategy. What you’re trying to do is an appeal to people with the idea of a good deal. So you use those deals which are more impressive than some others and look immediately appealing. You’re grabbing their attention and making sure that you really keep people interested. Luca Torzulli, CEO of Couponbuffer, says that ‘you need to make sure you market well to your intended audience. You can’t possibly hope to be able to really entice people if you don’t have a good coupon marketing strategy’.

Coupon marketing with emailing is often another popular choice for someone to consider. Emails are an easy way to communicate with a lot of people all at once and serve as a way to reach those who might not be on social media platforms or pay attention to advertisements. Coupon marketing with emailing can be used to generate leads actively and is often run parallel to the other marketing strategies to ensure success.

Overall, these are just a few of the different reasons why the coupon site does work. Coupon sites are great places for people to find resources which are useful to them, and this is obvious to everyone. Why pay full price for something, when there’s a coupon which means you only have to pay half? It’s a no-brainer. Coupon sites are being used more and more as ways to try and get around the extortionate prices which a lot of companies charge for their products. That’s one of the primary keys to their success, and the reason why they’ll continue to grow in popularity.


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