Corporate YouTube: Helping You Manage Growing Enterprise Video Data by@sabikat

Corporate YouTube: Helping You Manage Growing Enterprise Video Data

Videos bring a more human touch to the virtual world, even when connecting with people from across the globe. With the growing pile of videos comes the daunting task of managing it effectively without losing out on all the value it offers. YouTube fails to resolve enterprise-grade video challenges like security and compliances. This is where a Corporate Youtube platform steps up.
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From adverts to live events to training content to virtual meetings, video has penetrated every aspect of businesses, and its use is only rising. Wondering why? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Video communication brings a more human touch to the virtual world, even when connecting with someone from the other end of the globe.

  • Video has proven to be up to 75% more effective at information retention than a text-based document, according to a Forrester Research report.

  • Video provides an audio-visual experience and showcases non-verbal cues like body language, ensuring message clarity; after all, over 80% of communication is thought to be non-verbal.

However, with growing video content comes the daunting problem of managing it effectively without losing out on all the value it offers.

The Challenge: Managing the Growing Pile of Corporate Videos

Videos are not created to be just stored away and forgotten. They have to be processed, streamed, shared, analyzed, secured and governed. There are a variety of video-specific challenges faced at the enterprise level for managing video content. Let us explore a few main enterprise video challenges:

Video Takes Up A lot of Storage Space

Video is no ordinary digital asset. They take up much more space. Pandemic has taken the virtual world, exponentially growing the pile of videos that organizations are handling. Hence, having cost-effective scalable video storage is the need of the hour.

Imagine Searching Through 1000s of Videos

Even if you are just creating 10 videos a month, that will amount to 120 videos in a year's time. In reality, with all the video data being produced, organizations are working with hundreds if not thousands of videos.

Securely Sharing Is a Struggle

Video has its own set of unique security requirements. In the wrong hands, it can be misused, leading to not only monetary loss but also loss of business reputation or even your competitive edge.

Hence, securely sharing them for a limited time with password protection on a secure video portal is of utmost importance to avoid any data leakage or security breach.

Limiting Access Is Difficult

Organizations utilize videos for a variety of internal purposes – most only for the eyes of certain departments or individuals. It is critical to restrict access to these videos to ensure confidentiality and data privacy.

You Must Cater to A Global Audience

Organizations are no longer limited to a single location. Both internal teams and external stakeholders are spread out globally. With that, the need for your content to be smoothly accessible globally has arisen.

It should not only reach your global audience, but it must also be accessible. For that, you must have your videos transcribed and translated into various languages. That is easier said than done – and impossible to do manually, especially if you are working with 100s of videos.

High-Quality Viewing Experience is Expected

Gone are the days when it was tolerable to bear buffering or grainy videos. With the advancement in technology, it is no longer acceptable to have videos that buffer every two seconds.

However, with audiences viewing your videos under varying bandwidth conditions, it is much more difficult to control these issues if you are not utilizing the right video platform.

The Solution: Have Your Very Own Corporate YouTube

Initially, many organizations tried using YouTube with various other applications to solve all the challenges presented above. However, YouTube is simply not designed for corporate use.

It is a public-facing video platform in which you cannot even retain ownership of your own content. It only has the most basic privacy features, so it definitely does not cater to any internal video streaming needs.

Plus, it is also a platform that your competitors will also utilize. Imagine having your competitor's videos being recommended on your video's page.

What you need is a "Corporate YouTube", also known as a "Video Content Management System". It is an AI-powered ready-made YouTube-like video platform designed for corporate video use cases for large and small videos alike.

A Corporate YouTube platform allows you to stream your live and on-demand videos and provides your end-to-end video content management capabilities, including:

  • Scalable video storage (deployment options available on-premises or in the cloud).
  • Top-notch enterprise-grade security with features like end-to-end encryption, SSO integration, IP restrictions, location restriction, and much more.
  • A variety of data governance features like audit logs and custom security policies to meet requirements of regional and industry-specific compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.
  • Share videos with internal or external audiences - password protect them, block downloading, set time duration of availability and limit the number of views allowed.
  • Role-based access control quickly limits what video-related actions each user role may perform, and the creation of secure user groups allows you to segregate content even within the organization.
  • Use of modern video streaming protocols like HLS and CDN support ensures smooth content delivery globally on any device and browser.
  • Utilize adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure that your viewers get the best possible viewing experience without any buffering.
  • Automatic transcription and translation in multiple languages to ensure content accessibility for a diverse audience. Be sure to place closed captions and enable keyboard shortcuts.
  • AI-powered platform-wide and in-video search to help viewers jump right to the topic they are looking for by searching for spoken words, on-screen text, faces and objects.
  • Easy-to-interpret analytics dashboards presenting critical video metrics in the forms of graphs, tables, and heat maps – generate actionable insights using these to improve your content.
  • Option to make your videos interactive through in-video quizzes, handouts, surveys, and forms.

Suffice to say, a Corporate YouTube allows you to centrally manage all your video content in a secure and compliant environment. Plus, you can integrate it with your other IT systems like video conferencing tools (Zoom or MS Teams), LMS, CMS, analytics tracking tools, and many more.

You will definitely not need to go through the hassle of setting up an entire video streaming infrastructure and will save a ton of time and resources required for other business-critical matters.

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