Converting Physical Goods Into Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencyby@patrickman6
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Converting Physical Goods Into Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency

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We are creating a cryptocurrency marketplace that allows our users to sell their physical items on the blockchain. is a circular economy. With the goal of spreading the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Earning bitcoin using Junktions Marketplace

Right now, we are buying items in order to have them on our Dapp that should come out within 3 months. To check out our progress you should go to our site and leave your email somewhere on the site.


Cryptocurrency and in particular bitcoin is a digital asset that has taken the world by surprise. At the early stage of Bitcoin, it never caught the media’s attention. Today, digital assets have become the craze in the financial world. In fact, many people love digital assets more than their normal fiat currencies. Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency publicly known and accepted. Over the years, bitcoin has proven to be the most reliable digit asset in the world of cryptocurrency. Are you pondering on how to sell your items for bitcoin? Reading this will show explain how and why selling your items for bitcoin is a good idea.

Why is Selling Your Items For Cryptocurrency A Good Idea?


Cryptocurrency is likely to fuel the new digital economy. that is inevitably coming closer and closer, Bitcoin is the king. Which new laws and regulations coming out all of the world,The future has never looked so bright bright for these new digital assets. Selling your items for cryptocurrencies means getting prepared to the economic operations of the future. Selling your stuff for bitcoin is a great way to start position in Bitcoin. Apart from getting prepared for the future economy. In the future, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency comes with other amazing benefits.

Benefits Earning Bitcoin By Selling Your Items Using Junktion:


1. These currencies cannot be reversed arbitrarily or counterfeited by the sender. This is because cryptocurrencies remain digital in nature and cannot be manipulated like credit card charge-backs. This is the encryption in them.

2. With cryptocurrencies, you will get an immediate settlement. To buy a real property, or items the process will involve or engage several third parties, payment of fees and delays. The cryptocurrency world remains decentralized, which makes it easy for anyone to execute transactions without a regulating body. Provided you have any digital asset in your wallet, the transaction is almost immediate. Junktion is needed in a circular economy to facilitate the process.

3. There is no identity theft in selling your items for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The system makes use of a push mechanism that enables you to send the actual amount to the receiver. In the case of credit cards, the process remains a pull system. This means that you are exposing your complete credit line to the merchant. Cryptocurrencies come with a huge level of security and protection for your money.

4. When you sell your items for bitcoin to Junktion you will also experience reduced fees. When exhibiting a cryptocurrency exchange, you will not get or pay a transaction fee. This is because the network will always compensate the miners. If you are engaged in other exchange platforms like credit cards or sales representations, there is every possibility to pay extra fees. After the entire transaction, you may discover paying more in service than anticipated. Selling your items for bitcoin directly to avoid the fees involved in buying bitcoin will help you keep more of your money and earn that little bit extra bitcoin you need to get ahead!

5. It is important to know that around 2.2 billion people across the planet does not access to some sort of local form of currency exchange. With cryptocurrency on the rise, these 2.2 billion people are likely to benefit from this new digital asset. In a nutshell, cryptocurrency is accessible to everyone without anybody in exception.

Is Obtaining Bitcoin This Way A Good Idea?

Selling on traditional platforms have a lot of fees associated with them.


This is where cryptocurrency gets funny, interesting and beneficial. Have you ever pondered on how to sell your physical goods for bitcoin? Well, if you have, then Junktion is the place for you to receive an instant offer in bitcoin for your items. It is important to know that bitcoin rises and falls. As of February 26th, 2018, bitcoin in worth 10,500 dollars. An very well could be on the rise soon again.

The truth is that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain the future of the globe’s economy. On this note, holding the coins and purchasing more will help to secure your financial future.

Junktion will help you unlock the value of your items in Bitcoin.

Selling Your Stuff For Bitcoin Is A Great Way To Get The Coin Without Spending Money:

For people who are scared of trying out cryptocurrencies with their real fiat currency, trading your personal items for bitcoin can help you. When you sell your personal items to obtain cryptocurrency, it allows you maintain your position in your fiat currency safety. If you are looking for one of the best ways to get bitcoin without losing your physical cash, then simply sell your items directly for the cryptocurrency of your choice. With Junktion all of this is possible.

The Price Of Your Items Fall While The Price Of Crypto Rises:


The price of your items will constantly fall. On average and item that is brand new is worth 50% less the moment you open or tag the tags off of it. As time goes on these used items lose even more value. Meanwhile, the exact opposite is true for bitcoin and most other cryptocurrency. In particular bitcoin is a deflationary currency in nature. The coin is designed to rise in value as opposed to the United states dollar which has new ones introduced constantly.

We are building an incredible dapp that allows anyone to have the ability turn their items in to not only bitcoin but the cryptocurrency of their choice.


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