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11-50 employees
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Since 2020
Zibra AI is a Ukrainian deep-tech company building a platform for creating AI-generated assets for any virtual world or experience. The platform aims to speed up and simplify the creation process with the power of Generative AI, solving two major content challenges - creating interactive VFX and creating 3D assets & characters. As of now, our company is focused on two core layers - Zibra Effects & Zibra Generation. Zibra Effects is a multipurpose toolset, designed to simplify VFX creation by leveraging real-time 3D simulation and realistic physics. It already consists of three major functions, Zibra Liquids Pro, Zibra Smoke & Fire, and Zibra Cloth. Zibra Generation utilizes the power of generative AI to semi-automate the addition of 3D content to virtual environments. Powered by a unique ML layer, it’s focused on creating solutions that help to easily generate production-ready 3D objects and characters, as well as PBR materials and textures from almost any input. Here at Zibra AI, we are dedicated to providing game developers with an efficient workflow that frees them to focus on higher-level tasks. For end users, we bring hyper-personalization and the ability to customize the objects that they interact with in the virtual world. Join us as we transform the industry and create the future of virtual experiences. Zibra AI is a part of the Roosh tech ecosystem.




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