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11-50 employees
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Since 2021
We come from all over. Our team has worked for the world’s best technology companies where we engaged with customers from almost every industry, including auto, manufacturing, financial, and life sciences. We’ve helped companies implement change that improved their service, their profit, their customer relationships and the general happiness of their employees. Collectively we have participated in the design, development and deployment of everything from global business systems for fortune 100 companies, to service and warehouse management systems for consumer products, to customer relationship management systems for car dealers. We have a deep understanding of sales, field service, and software development. Most of us have also thrown a hammer and turned a wrench. A journeyman’s path. We have scars from decades of experiences, and the wisdom that comes from it. We’ve learned that technology alone is all but worthless. If it doesn’t enable our user and deliver results, it is not a solution. Here’s the solution basics of what we’ve learned: 1.) Pay great attention to the process and methods of your customer. Enable it, but be careful when you change it that you make it better...easier. 2.) No one that works for a living cares about flashy dashboards. Keep the interface lite, event-driven, and spend a lot of time on integrating with the tools already in use in the field. 3.) The interface is where your customer is. We need to bring you the functionality you need, when you need it, whether you are in an office, truck or crawlspace. 4.) An average tool, used often, is better than a great tool never used. We want to be a great tool with signs of wear. 5.) Keep everything WRANGLD.




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