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51-200 employees
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Since 2021
Vidby is a Switzerland-based multi-product IT company specializing in technologies of understanding and development of AI-powered translation solutions. The company has coined the term "Technologies of Understanding" as part of its unique approach. Vidby is in the constant process of developing an array of innovative solutions that help people communicate on a global scale. Vidby is a Google Cloud Technical Partner & YouTube’s Recommended Vendor for content localization. PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS 🎥 Vidby Video Translation – the company’s flagship product - AI-powered platform for fast and accurate video translation and dubbing. Recommended by YouTube. Free plan is available. 👥 Vidby MeetUp – an AI application for live translation of offline/online meetings & live broadcasts. Download from App Store / Google Play 🧑🏻💻 Vidby Call Translator – a real-time translation solution for Google Meet. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are upcoming. Multiple participants. 140+ languages and dialects. 🕵🏼 YouTube Audio Tracks Detector by vidby is an extension that sends users notifications when new videos and/or audio tracks in chosen languages are added to their favorite YouTube channels. 💰 Vidby Video Investment Platform – a platform where investors and content creators come together to craft captivating projects and bring ambitious ideas to life. 🙌🏻 Vidby Workspace – vidby’s marketplace and working platform for freelance language professionals (transcribers, translators, pre-editors, post-editors) and dubbing actors. 📝 Vidby Document Translation – AI-powered solution for online translation of documents in 100+ languages. MISSION: To make any content available to everyone while preserving the world’s linguistic diversity.




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