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11-50 employees
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Since 2016
Syook enables organizations to build their own IIoT and RTLS solutions to track assets and people in real time. Syook provides a no-code platform to build customized and high-value digital technology solutions that help companies improve their operations across various industries like oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, defence etc. Over the years Syook has gained proven customer success with Indian Railways, Coal India, Unilever, UPL, FIAT, ONGC, Fortis, Danone, Delhivery and more. Our Vision: To be among the global leaders providing innovative, high-value digital technology solutions for operations excellence. Our Mission: To enhance the competitive advantage of organisations by partnering with them in their digital transformation journey, and to empower clients with avant-garde knowledge-based solutions for scalable, seamless workplace operations.




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