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Sonesta is now the 8th largest hotel company in the world, with 16 brands that consist of 1200 hotels, 100K+ rooms, across three continents and include: The Royal Sonesta, ...

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10K+ employees
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Since 1937

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The Hospitality Show Opens Registration
Published at Jan 19, 2023 by YAHOO!Finance
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Chamblee rejects conversion of extended-stay hotel
Published at Jan 19, 2023 by The Business Journals
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SVC Sells 65 Properties Across The U.S. For $514M
Published at Jan 17, 2023 by Bisnow
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Royal Sonesta Announces Hires and Promotions
Published at Jan 13, 2023 by New
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Published at Jan 12, 2023 by YAHOO!Finance
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Sonesta Gets Arbitration for Most of Hotel Worker’s Wage Claims
Published at Jan 04, 2023 by news.bloomberglaw
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Sonesta aims for higher brand recognition with new ad campaign
Published at Jan 03, 2023 by Travel Weekly

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