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11-50 employees
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Since 2022
Rithmm is for anyone who wants to make smarter bets. Effortlessly build your own custom analytical model in seconds. Using your instincts as a starting point, our powerful back-end handles the tough stuff for you. Your custom model then provides predictions for every game, complete with your recommended picks, scores, win probabilities and edge on the market. Rithmm puts the same tools and data used by the pros at your fingertips, reducing research hours, gut-based decisions, and blind faith in picks from others. Download Rithmm for FREE today and streamline your betting research. Rithmm is free until football season, available for NBA and WNBA, with NCAAF and NFL coming soon. Download the app to: Instantly build custom AI-backed models Get your models’ picks for every game Keep track of your bets and model success Visit our website for more information:




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