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11-50 employees
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Since 2016
Parity is a remote HVAC optimization company that uses software to deliver automatic, guaranteed energy and cost savings to multifamily residential clients and hotel owners. By combining real-time data, automation, remote measurement and control, and expert advising, Parity’s product offering slashes energy use and CO2 emissions while reducing on-site staff workloads. With Parity, building owners have their HVAC micromanaged while monitoring performance and controlling set points remotely, requiring minimal time and attention from facility staff Parity’s energy experts act as an extra line of protection for your building’s HVAC, tracking patterns to identify potential system issues and sharing insights to lock in future savings. As energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions regulations tighten, Parity opens new, low-cost opportunities for compliance and access to government incentive programs. Parity is currently trusted by over 200 multifamily buildings (50,000+ units) in Toronto and NYC. On average, Parity saves building owners $50,000 in energy costs. Parity investors include ArcTern Ventures, Wyse Meter Solutions Inc. (Wyse) and RET Ventures. Parity has received various nominations such as: Wood and Mac - Companies to watch (2019), Globe and Mail - Top Growing Companies 3 years in a row (2020-2022) The company was recently recognized as the first service provider to be awarded the designation of LEADER by the NYC Accelerator (2023).




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