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StartUps2023 Runner-up

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30-50 employees
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Since 2021
NFTBOOKS is a project which buids platform to publish works on books, magazines, paintings... on blockchain protocol. Works will be directly published by the authors. Using NFT (Non-fungtible Token) identification technology for copyright, our project will eliminate almost 100% of piracy in order to make your products accessible to readers at reasonable prices. Your products will be released to everyone as quickly as possible in the largest number. We make it possible for our readers to read your books for as cheap as 1/100 1/1000 compared to the traditional book approach. You absolutely do not need to worry because our model allows the authors to also be the publisher. You, or other authors, will still enjoy your full benefit even the publisher's share while the readers are not under financial pressure. At NFTBOOKS there are 5 main audiences: authors, readers, translators, booksellers and investors; with this interactive circular ecosystem of audiences creating mutual support and mutual development.




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