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Metaverse Architects

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11-50 employees
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Since 2020
Metaverse Architects is a multi-faceted company that specializes in emerging technologies, particularly in the field of virtual worlds and metaverse development. They design and develop custom virtual worlds using cutting-edge technologies such as Msquared's Metaverse Markup Language (MML) and Decentralands SDK 7. The company collaborates with a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 500 brands, financial institutions, fashion brands, healthcare companies, iGaming and casinos, food and beverage brands, media agencies, and real estate companies. The company's achievements in 2022 include having a passionate team of 20+ employees, completing 22 projects, and engaging with over 44,652 active users. They offer various services, including virtual world design and development, generative AI applications using technologies like Open AI's GPT-4, web3 services, non-player character (NPC) development, custom 3D architecture, wearables and skins design, video game development, AI app development, and Dapp development utilizing blockchain technology. Metaverse Architects has worked on notable projects with companies like Roobet, L'Atelier Miami Fashion Week, Forever21,, Quontic Bank, and others, helping them establish a presence and conduct business in the metaverse. They are also involved in educational initiatives, mental health clinics, and innovative concepts like the world's first metaverse ATM. Overall, Metaverse Architects is a forward-thinking company that leverages emerging technologies to create immersive virtual experiences and innovative solutions for various industries and clients.




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