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Food Bear is F&B startup that focused with concept “From Locals For Locals”, and aimed to bring a lot of good things through their food.

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Since 2020

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Foodverse: Eating in the Metaverse
Published at Oct 27, 2022 by m_muslimi
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Former SpaceX Employee Starts Company to End Sore Feet
Published at Jun 19, 2021 by alahausse
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Pathogen Detection: The Technology We All Need Right Now
Published at Oct 26, 2018 by angeliquemoss
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Software Eats the World, But A.I. Eats Software
Published at Jan 30, 2021 by cyberguyesq

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Answer Man: How does the Buncombe County landfill protect against rats? Bears?
Published at Dec 09, 2022 by Asheville Citizen-Times
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Controversial Bear Hunting Returns to New Jersey
Published at Nov 30, 2022 by TreeHugger

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