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Since 2021
People running organisations are struggling with disconnected teams and silos that are leading to missed deadlines, lost opportunities and performance challenges. Where to start and what to do quickly that has lasting benefit? Imagine you could run a scan of your business (like an MRI) to see how the system was working and where to focus. Well, there is one… Cophi is a revolutionary AI-solution that helps you understand and improve collaboration across your business. Engagement surveys show how your organisation feels, Cophi shows how it works. Through a quick team-to-team feedback survey, Cophi scans your organisation’s workflows and builds a surprisingly simple map showing exactly where collaboration is strong and where the weakest links are. It gives you clear, practical insights into your day-to-day operational, strategic and social networks. The invisible becomes visible, and with that people can immediately take action to remove bottlenecks and improve productivity. Fast, simple and accessible for everyone. Scientifically proven. Easy to repeat and track progress. And for consultants a rapid diagnostic tool for organisational transformations. Last year we worked with customers including Meta, Charlotte Tilbury, Mindful Chef, AAK, Dirkzwager and Karo Pharma to help their teams work better together.




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