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[bvblogic] is a technology company with a passion for innovation, which creates reliable and efficient IT products and solutions, solves globally important challenges thanks ...

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54 employees
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Since 2008
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5459730 at Alexa

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Biologically inspired innovation
Published at Sep 26, 2017 by designforsustainability
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Biologically inspired product design
Published at May 19, 2017 by designforsustainability
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Nanomachines: The Game Changer in Pervasive Healthcare
Published at Jan 16, 2021 by sidrazafar
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Every Link I Wish I Had When I First Started Coding
Published at Nov 04, 2020 by kealanparr
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The 4 Biggest Flaws of the Human Race
Published at Aug 21, 2020 by SilicaNotes
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How I started my IoT Company
Published at Mar 19, 2020 by th3n00bc0d3r
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Machine Economics Part 1: Finance’s Inflection Point
Published at Feb 02, 2020 by andyjbryant

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