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11-50 employees
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Since 2017
AutoSmart is an automotive digital solution provider that aims to transform and reimagine automotive ecosystems. Our vision is to transform automobile workplaces into digital ecosystems of the future. Our emphasis is placed on process improvement, cost optimization, quality improvement and lead time reduction. With a dream to transform automobile workplaces into digital ecosystems of the future, AutoSmart was founded in 2017. The first product was an innovative first of a kind real-time field audit management application. It was during the development of this product, we realised that the aftersales and service industry of automobiles is in need of a digital revolution. Today, after several revolutionary products and with an impressive client list, AutoSmart is carving out a name for itself in the industry. The digital revolution in the automobile industry has always been on the automobile. AutoSmart was quick to realise that there was hardly the use of technology in other aspects of the industry. This dire need of the industry was a great opportunity. AutoSmart's exceptional growth is a testament to this fact. We are currently serving large automotive companies such as Toyota Saudi Arabia (Abdul Latif Jameel), Toyota Bahrain (Ebrahim K. Kanoo), Mitsubishi MEA (Principal Company), Kia Saudi Arabia (Aljabr), and Petromin Express (Nissan).




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