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First-party blockchain oracle. Web APIs for trustless apps. Decentrally governed, quantifiably secure data feeds.

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The Rising Importance of First-Party Oracles
Published at Jan 21, 2022 by api3
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What is the Genuine Value of APIs
Published at Oct 15, 2021 by api3
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Redefining Trust: Smart Escrow Contracts
Published at Sep 18, 2021 by api3

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API3 Crypto Price Prediction 2022 – Is API3 Undervalued? (Video)
Published at Jun 25, 2022 by Business 2 Community
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api3 Price Prediction: Potential Trade Setups for Day Traders
Published at Jun 16, 2022 by InvestingCube
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9 Biggest Crypto Gainers After Crash: TRX Tops
Published at Jun 16, 2022 by Inside Bitcoins
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Accuweather Collaborates With API3 To Provide Blockchain-Powered Weather Data
Published at Jun 02, 2022 by International Business Times

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