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51-200 employees
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Since 2019
Amplemarket is the AI Platform for Modern Sales Teams. With Amplemarket you will magically simplify the way you discover, engage, and convert your next customers. What our customers say: - Deel: From series A to unicorn in 12 months. How Amplemarket powered Deel's 20x revenue growth. - Vanta: How Vanta closes more and faster with Amplemarket buying intent data (9x ROI) Join hundreds of companies from Deel, Rippling, Vanta and many more who are leveling up their sales game thanks to Amplemarket. Here's what you get: - Data native: Easily find the data that helps you close deals. - Built-in personalization: 3x your response rates with hyper-personalized messages. - Multichannel outreach: Email, Phone, LinkedIn, etc. - AI-powered: Let reps focus on selling while AI takes care of the rest. - Deliverability optimization: Land your emails in your prospect's primary inbox. - Buying Intent Signals: Target buyers that are actively looking for a solution like yours.




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