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YOUC is a token that powers YOUengine which is a tokenized and decentralized advertising platform that connects over 200 million advertisers and 4 billion users. YOUengine is based on the Ethereum blockchain. \ The platform uses YOUC, the token currency for the YOUengine, to pay those that watch branded content and ads via the YOUapp. The YOUengine comprises of YOUgo, an augmented reality powered game, YOUsocial, a social media platform, and YOUwallet which is a digital wallet powered by YOUengine. YOUwallet can effortlessly convert YOUC tokens into traditional currency. ## **YOUcash History** The YOUengine platform was founded by Michael Muenzing and Konstantin Chernov. The platform is based in Switzerland. It was created to give advertisers the ability to reach consumers all over the world using real time advertisement delivery. The protocol also offers YOUsocial, a social media platform, YOUgo, an augmented reality mobile game, and YOUwallet, a cryptocurrency wallet. \ The platform was launched for tests on January 15 2021 and was pushed to other cities later in the year. The test cities were Berlin, New York, Paris, Seoul and Moscow. 10 million users and 10,000 businesses were involved in the beta launch and optimization of the platform and worked on scalability, optimization, and perfecting systems like push notifications. \ YOUC, the platform’s token, is used for fast, international micropayments to YOUapp users and to manage the transaction fees. ## **Biggest Claim to Fame** YOUengine allows for advertisers to reach people internationally  with real time ad targeting and delivery for industry leading ROI. \ YOUengine stores the data and information of all their users only on the user’s devices. They do not keep the information on the users on a centralized data server. \ Thanks to YOUC, the YOUcash cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, advertisers can pay the people watching their ads directly in a cheap and efficient way. \ Their platform has over a million users, both advertisers and consumers. To maintain the reputation and standing they have within the advertising community is not an easy feat. \ YOUcash allows its advertisers to contact people and consumers scattered all over the world through targeting and through displaying ads online or in real time. This makes YOUCash one of the most cost effective places to invest in cryptocurrency. Businesses can also instantly deliver goods or tokens that can be delivered through YOUgo, an Augmented Reality mobile game. ## **Criticism** People being paid to watch ads does not ensure they consider buying the product getting sold. There is no way to ensure the targeted ads are going to encourage people to buy the products they are watching the advertisements for. \ People could only be watching the ads in order to get the payment for the ads. Watching ads could be nothing more than a business to the people the ads are targeting and those who watch them. \ It is unsure what happens to the data that has been collected by the advertisers in case the one being paid to view the adverts wants to withdraw from the YOUengine. Are they allowed to use the collected data? The assurance from YOUengine that they do not keep any of the data they collect is good, but they cannot ensure advertisers are not going to use that data badly later. ## **Team** Michael Muenzing is a multi platinum, award winning  music producer. He has been in the entertainment industry for nearly forty years. In that time, he has created several entertainment properties and companies that deal in films, music and other creative endeavors. \ Konstanin Chernov was a social entrepreneur who had 25 years worth of experience in marketing, media, and investments. He co-founded several media projects in Russia, Switzerland, and Germany. He has been CEO of several media companies and executive of many digital projects.