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Today, we are happy to announce our new Weather AI on Luka!

There have been a few weather bots around — our AI has their best features and more. @Weather will tell you current weather and send you forecast of your city at the time you want it. Plus this bot comes with a few tricks up its sleeve, like reminding you to bring your jacket if the evening is chilly or reminding you to bring your umbrella if it might rain.


I still prefer Celsius to Fahrenheit, but you can set up units that work better for you. You can also pick another city and ask for a forecast for several days.


To set up daily weather updates, tap Subscribe and set the notification time.

It all sounds very simple and familiar but we were surprised when we looked around and weren’t able to find a good, no-hassle weather bot. There is a handful of them — there is even a weather cat! — but none of them does all those simple things that we need at the time we need them. Our next step is to learn more from you and about you and make your weather updates smarter and more personalized.

Download Luka here and start chatting with @Weather!


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