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Chasyr Economy: An Introduction

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Social Networking for On-Demand Delivery

Maintaining close communication with friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers, is more important to people around the world now, more than ever. To feel the human connection we are all used to, most of us gravitated toward Zoom calls and new social mediums to feel normal while safely isolating from Covid-19. Social media has evolved back to its roots, going from a black hole of like/comment/share dopamine hits, to maintaining connections with friends and family we can’t see in person anymore.

Meanwhile, the delivery industry is booming. We can’t know for sure that we aren’t paying to have Coronavirus delivered into our homes, but we can take solace in the fact we don’t have to venture out into public. Across the globe, the top delivery services waived or lessened delivery fees to accommodate the financial despair that accompanied economic lockdown.

Brick and mortar was already struggling to compete with Amazon Prime and the instant gratification expectation of 24-48h free delivery, but the paradigm shift brought on by the Age of Covid may be that final nail in the coffin on 20th century business models.

And what happens after... 

Will some companies still offer free delivery?

Will people still rely heavily on delivery services?

Will the delivery industry maintain these growth rates? 

Will the need to remain close and connected be here to stay?

We are building and betting on the last one. Life won’t “return to normal” after Covid, but we as a people, as a culture, and as a society, have discovered there is (so much) room for improvement.

Introducing Chasyr

The last decade has seen rampant growth in contract-work, price of consumer goods and cost of living outpacing wage growth. We see unprecedented numbers of people entering the market for 3rd and 4th “jobs” to keep up. The gig economy has become an ancillary aspect of the crony capitalist state that forces people into side hustles to keep food on the table. We aim to take some of that power back from Washington DC and Silicon Valley and give it directly to you. 

Enter Chasyr: Chasyr aims to create a beneficial space for consumers, without percent-gouging vendors, and without exploiting service providers. With this goal in mind, we are building an app that gives users the ability to connect for on-demand delivery by leveraging their social media and their newly created Chasyr Circles (more on that soon). 

When you think about how you would improve the process of a freshly brewed cup of coffee arriving in your hands, don’t just think about the cost of a cup of coffee, but how much time and energy it costs. What is the opportunity cost, and is it worth paying the price of a cup of coffee to have a cup of coffee delivered? Now, think about how many people go through that same thought process. We lose collective economic power and efficiency when we double-spend time, energy, and delivery fees.

With Chasyr, it is help or be helped. Log into the app when you’re headed to pick up coffee, lunch, groceries, or even some new shoes then signal your plan to a selected network which we call Chasyr Social Circles. Your Circle will see a notification, can request to add an order and even chip in to cover some cost of anything you are buying for yourself. On the other end of that equation, if someone else is headed to get coffee, they signal and you can add to their order.

Already at the office? 

Jackie is on her way to Starbucks, she will arrive to work in 15 min. Want anything? 

Stuck at home?

Bob will be at Mikes Pizzeria near your place in 6 min. Want a slice?

Couldn’t make the line for the new iPhone today? 

Alice is in line at the Apple store for the iPhone 12 release. What size/color do you want?

Your network already exists, we are just building the platform that will help you extract value from your own network. You can even build your network by expanding your Circle to include folks who work in your building or live in your neighborhood (and vise versa).

This back and forth of “doing a solid” builds camaraderie, improves social connections, adds another dynamic to your day, reduces inefficiencies over time, and improves our collective economic power. By eliminating delivery fees, increasing altruistic interactions, and keeping the value in our communities, we can bring society just a little bit closer together. 

Pandemic or no pandemic, Chasyr is here to provide communities with more than just a delivery service, but an app that improves the quality of life of its users. Do you remember what the “gig economy” used to be called? Well, we do, it was called the ‘sharing economy.’ Chasyr will harness the peer-to-peer power of the people to restore the sharing economy. The Chasyr Economy.


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